Queen Of Outer Space

By:Andrew Troy KeIler

It was in the year 2991,when the United Galaxies starship,USS Jackie Gleason had began to explore the outer reaches of the known universe within the name of intergalactic peace.

And even though it was suppossed to be a peaceful mission,the ship's company and crew had no choice,but to bump into some scavagers,who had kept on daring themselves to raid unsuspecting passing ships and rob them of all of their gold and jewelery.

But that was before one of the ship's passagers,Victoria Stoddard had found her old life way too boring for her taste and decided to sneak aboard the space pirates' ship and zoom away for a better life.

But then,after the pirates had compleated their villainous task,gotten back aboard their ship and zoomed away from the USS Jackie Gleason,one of the intergalactic marauders had accidently found Victoria sneaking out of her hiding place,grabbed her by the arm and dragged her to his pirate captain.

However,as soon as the pirate captain had looked at the beautiful stowaway,he had suddenly realized that someone had finally arrived to fill the gapping hole in his lonely life.

And so,after he had ordered her crew to leave her alone,the pirate captain had took Victoria by the hand and took her to his quarters.

After they had entered the room and Victoria had looked at the view outside the cabin window,the captain had asked her to join him as his queen of outer space--forever.