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Big Brother HSHS Staff edition- a quick overview.

Feel free to skip this, and go straight into the actual story, but you may find this back history vaguely interesting.

These are all staff from my school. However, only the names are used, the characteristics of these teachers are entirely fictional, so I feel that it doesn't violate the ToS. If you think it does, tell me, and I can change the names or take it down.

The Housemates

Sue Millar- A Maths teacher who my friend and I were obsessed with for a few years. She's very funny, so we stuck her in.

Phillip Cook- The principal of our school, who we've never seen not wearing a tie. We used to have a joke about stalking him with a camera.

Sharon Barker- One of the deputies. Brent, the co-writer, has a major crush on her and...

Leanne Monagle- Another deputy. She's actually nice, and funny.

Sharon Matheson- A music teacher at our school, who is also funny and nice.

Helen Mullins- The HOD of arts...she reminds me a lot of Umbridge from Harry Potter 5.

Christopher Hughes- Another nice, funny teacher. Don't get me wrong, all of these nice funny teachers have distinct personalities, but it's hard to describe them, especially as their personalities are mangled in this story anyway.

Mrs. Hitler- Real name Mrs McGregor, she's actually not that bad...wait, yes she was. She was our drama teacher for a term, and she was really bad at it. But I got good grades for making her laugh- she marked my "Vampire" Melodrama, and I got full marks. One of her characteristics was ending every lesson with the Drama Bow, where we all lined up and bowed.

Tim Reuther- Another drama teacher at our school. Kind of personality-less in this story, but he has a rather quirky one in real life.

Jenny- One of our office ladies. We couldn't remember her last name when writing this story.

Tracey Waters- A tuck shop lady (Canteen for all the yanks.) She cooks, and takes the money.

Mr Stephensen- He's a P.E. teacher, and possibly the only one who isn't on the bullies side at our school.

LOL count- 22

When writing this (I wrote everything except for Gretel's lines, Big Brother's lines, and the Brent Davidson lines of the kiss count section) I counted how many times Brent "lol"ed or "LOL"ed. He was very amused.

Now, on with