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Forgotten Hope, Chapter one

It begins

A pair of children laughed loudly as they played in the yard, under the watchful eyes of their older brother Raven.

"Oh no you don't" One of them said, quickly pining the other under him and tickling her.

"Okay, okay I surrender!" The girl laughed attempting to push the boy off as she laughed.

Raven smiled, his silver eyes glittering in the evening sunlight. All around him, the small town moved, people walking to and from places, talking to each other, women washing and mending clothes, baking food or helping ten to the garden, and the men repairing houses, chopping wood or hunting for food.

The three at the far end of town were the only children though. Since babies where a rare, almost unheard of gift for one of their kind.

Raven stood, arching his back lazily as he did so. "We have to get going soon, Ivy, Stone so do get ready." He picked up his staff, which strangely resembled that of a Shepard's. The two quickly nodded there silver eyes bright with happiness that one can only find in a child and their pale black hair tangled around their large elfin ears.

"Yes, Raven." They dutifully replied, grinning happily.

Raven smiled before turning quickly, hearing the distant screams of several of the women on the outskirts of the town.

He turned quickly to the children, his white hair flowing behind him. "Come quickly, RUN!" He shouted as the screams grew in sound and number. The two nodded before getting up and running as fast as they could out of the city, Raven following behind then, guarding and guiding them as best he could. Suddenly two ugly, black and blue creatures with red eyes and sharp teeth appeared in front of them, growling lowly and dangerously at them.

"Korbs! Get behind me, children, and I will deal with them." Raven grasped his staff defensively, as the two children hid behind him, whimpering slightly.

"Dasfassavallala, morettally vassallallay!" Raven said loudly, throwing his hand palm up at the Korbs, which suddenly where engulfed in flames. "Run young ones, run to Dattam and don't look back!" He said, pushing the two ahead of him.

"Run and don't stop till you reach King Kurama, I will find you there." Once again the two ran, sobbing quietly in fear and sadness, never once looking back.

Raven, now without charges, turned around, knowing he had to distance the Korbs from his siblings escape and ran back to the massacre. After several hours of fighting, Raven was more then feeling the effects of his struggle and started to know with growing certainty, he wasn't going to make it.

He turned around quickly as he heard something behind him, then all went black.

Raven woke up two hours later, in a cage that swayed side to side. He glanced to his left and shuddered violently, two bodies hung on the side of the cage, their faces bloody and fear filled, they had been dear friend of his.

A Korb stopped beside him, grinning evilly, "Hello dear slave."

Raven paled and started to shiver, "I am no one's slave, vile creature."

"Oh but you are now, elf. You are the slave of the Blood Foot Korb clan; after all, it is the custom of all the clans to take the last remaining elf of a village as a slave."

Raven's eyes widened. Might he have failed in his mission of protecting the children? Could they be dead?

The Korb smiled evilly, "Welcome to slavery, boy."

Two years later, in a camp, far from the ruin of Raven's home town, a group of Korbs' sat in around a fire, grunting and laughing with one another. On the outskirt of the camp was the tired, bloody, and weak body of Raven, curled up in a ball around a sharp rock, his bleeding hands trying to cut the ropes that bound them. His silver eyes glowed with desperation, before widening in amazement as the ropes fell to the ground. Then he started on the rope around his neck with new hope.

He heard one of the Korb's get up and head for the stake he was tied to. He quickened his motions, not wanting to stay there a second longer then he had to.

The final rope fell to the ground, and Raven got up unsteadily and quickly ran into the woods, not stopping until he found a clearing in the woods with a stream in the middle. He fell beside it, wincing as his bottom touched the ground, but continued and then gulped down some of the water, his body quivering with pain and fear.

After a few moments of drinking the water, he started cleaning his wounds, hissing slightly in pain. He finished and sat there, staring into space, finally comprehending what had happened. He was free, really, truly free. A slow grin appeared on his face, before he focused on finding out where he was.

"Mearrou lacatrou many morra," He whisper and a bright glow surrounded him for a moment, and information of where he was poured into his mind. His eyes widened, he was a long way from home.

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