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Chapter 4: The future is grim for those who's hearts are in despair.

Back in Raven's home land, in a far off city, a tall black haired, blue eyed man stood on a wall, one of the walls of Dattam Palace, the capital of Raven's home land.

Beside him lay a seven tailed gold fox, it's eyes closed tightly.

Below them the village around the palace slept, a few villagers moved, carefully keeping they're eyes away from the two. The ones that slept, dreamed nightmares that had them writhing in their sleep.

The man looked at the fox, "Lord Kinno, what do you think we should do?"

A bright silver light surround the fox and the creature was replaced by a human with golden hair eyes and hair, and golden fox on top of his head and a long fox tail.

"Do you truly wish to know?" The man, Kinno, asked, raising an eyebrow in question.

The other sighed quietly, bracing himself slightly, "Yes, I do."

Kinno looked over the village, his eyes filled with sadness. "I think, that unless we find a ally, then soon, nothing with remain of this and every town in the kingdom. They will be gone, Falcon, and every person that lives in them will be dead."

Falcon sighed, "I was afraid you where going to say that."

Kinno turned to him, his eyes dark, "I wish I didn't say it, my friend, I truly do."

The next morning, back in the other land, Raven woke alone in the strange room, and slowly sat up, his eyes moving around the room for the first time.

It was plain, and at the same time, pleasant and homely. A desk was pushed against a wall, a chair beside it to leave more space in the room, and a book left open on the table.

A large, dark green rug took up much of the hard wood floor, and a pair of silver slippers sat on them.

Raven slowly got out of the bed, his muscles tensed warily. Wherever he was, he had never been there before. He could hear the distant sound of footsteps outside the room, but other then that, nothing.

He blinked as he noticed for the first time that he felt no pain, not the slightest sign of what he had been through, not even the sore throat he had felt before.

He smiled slightly, it felt good to be free of the pain that had been with him since he had been captured.

He moved around the room, carefully looking everything over, then spun around quickly to face the door as it opened.

Falcon and Gabriel walked in, both gliding across the floor, Raven was a tiny bit jealous.

Gabriel smiled gently, "How are you feeling, young elf?"

"I feel fine, not even my throat hurts." Raven answered, bowing to both of them.

Falcon laughed quietly, "You have to bow to us, child,"

Raven blinked, "You are both of higher rank then I could dream of being, my lords."

Gabriel laughed this time, "We don't believe in such things, young one, we only use such silly things when we have to, even then, it's just play acting to us."

Raven blinked in shock, "I have never heard of such things, back at my home, you always bowed to someone of higher rank."

Falcon smirked, "Welcome to the world of the Khalid-Urma, my young friend, the strongest, and most dangerous race on this side of the Death Sea."

Gabriel's face became serious, "Child, I know this might not be something you want to talk about, but I found signs of you being raped."

Raven flinched and bit his lip, and would not have said anything, but that voice seemed to make him say things he would never had said, "I have been, many times, after all, I was a slave to the Blood Foot Korb clan." He looked at the floor, not noticing as Flacon walked over, and so he jumped as the other placed a hand on his shoulder. He looked up in shock.

Gabriel nodded, his face grim, "Thank you for telling me, young one." He turned to Falcon, "I have to leave to speak with my father, could you stay here and keep Raven company?"

Falcon nodded with a grin, "Of course, after all there is nothing I would like more then to stay here and ask him about his home land."

Gabriel nodded and left the room.

Falcon turned to Raven and smiled, "Now I want know everything you feel comfortable with telling me about your home land, from food to clothes, and everything inbetween."

Raven nodded with a smile and began.

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