Never Again

Ousted from the throne,

Thrown into the slave pits so dreaded,

He must face his greatest challenge.

His wife a different kind of slave,

Subject to the evil ruler's every

Whim and pleasure.

He works hard, planning his escape,

Uniting fellow slaves and making new allies.

With information from loyalists,

Those who still dare support his return,

He plans an uprising.

She lives life as a pleasure slave

For the man who took away everything she had.

Battered and hurt but not yet broken in spirit,

He flogs her for his own sick enjoyment.

Pain has become her new best friend,

Torture a new neighbour.

In her few moments,

Free of pain,

She cries silently in her mind,

"My love, help me."

One night, the ruthless ruler

Crosses the line.

She lies on the ground,

Wrists pinned to the dirt

With stakes driven through her wrists.

A dagger in her bosom,

Through her lungs

And in her heart,

Losing the fragile grip on Life.

Death approaches, like an enemy

Who cannot be stopped.

Her beloved comes,

Uprising successful.

His forces overrun the evil men,

And he is her final sight.

Holds in her in his arms, crying,

Pleading her not to leave him.

Had he not done all of this for her?

Had he not risked his life for her?

She gives one final smile,

Defiant of the blood that is

Spreading over her chest,

A trail of it running down her mouth,

Leaving him with her parting words.

Finally, her eyes close,

Claimed, inevitably, by Death.

He slays the evil one with

The dagger driven through her

In righteous anger and grief.

The people celebrate his return

To what is rightfully his,

But the victory is bittersweet.

She had been his all,

His life,

His love.

Laying her on a bed of petals

From the roses she so loved,

With all her favorites;

Sweets, flowers and berries,

He watches as the crypt

Is closed.

No longer will he see her smile,

Not savor her gentle caress,

Nor feel her love.

No tears fall,

But his soul wails,


For the lost so tremendous.

"Never again will I love,"

he pledges to the stars.

"Never again will I claim anyone

as my wife.

Never again will I let anyone take from me

What I cherish most."

It gives him a sense of closure;

This chapter closed, another opened.

All bearing the memories of a wife

Fondly missed, a void in his heart,

Never to be filled once more.