I see blue,
Like lake water in the sun.
The sky is a distant soap bubble
That will pop if I touch it.

Sometimes at the edges of the day
I see pink, red, and orange.
But now as my finger runs over your cheekbone,
I see only blue.

Sharp fingernail trailing red across my arm,
Beautiful, it is,
And the pain tickling my nerves
Makes me alive.
Too much light in the sky,
I raise my hand to block it and it slides through my fingers,
Twirls itself into my hair.
All the while you are beside me,
I can smell you, so close…
Too close to bear. I want to touch you.

Watching the progression of your eyes
From me to the window and back again.
They leave. Only for a moment.
Back to me.
And look--
I see blue.