And there he was, she thought, the most beautiful person in the whole, damn world. The way he walked, the way his lip ring sat on his lip, she never thought such a perfect creation could be..imperfect.
For the past four years, she loved him. They were friends since 7th Grade. She gathered more and more courage to tell him how she felt. She had the odd beau, but they never compared to him. He had dark brown hair, brown eyes, and dressed like such an Abercrombie and Fitch fanatic. He made her and every other female sophomore in the school, sweat at the site of him.
The only thing he lacked, was the love for them..women. Yes, he was gay. She found out that day after Math class, 8th period. She never felt such emotional pain. There he was, with his boyfriend. Tears filled up in her sockets, and her skin burned as they ran down her cheeks. She stared at them with such contempt.
Running home, she slammed the door, and called him.