The following article reviews were written for my "Psychology of Prejudice" class.

The assignment is as follows: throughout the course of the semester, the professor will hand out five articles pertaining in some way to topics discussed in class. The student's job is to draw connections between these topics and the themes discussed within the articles. Each review should be at least two pages long.

In other words, cake. (don't worry though, I still have a 10 page plus research paper due within three weeks… in two classes…)

A couple of notes before I bring on the reviews:

1) Though referred to as reviews, the following works are more like mini-critical essays. Don't expect me to give thumbs-up any time soon.

2) If any of you have a problem with what I'm saying or feel that the definition of racism I refer to is a little too inclusive (i.e. It includes you) just know that it is the definition given to me by my teacher and very close to the one found in our texts. And if you begin to suspect that you are indeed a modern racist, do not fret—you are not alone. It is exactly because few people recognize it as a prejudice that modern racism has become so widespread. What you do with that knowledge is completely up to you.

3) No, my essays' aren't boring. Read'em, dammit!

4) Regarding Review #4: no, I'm not homosexual. I say this for two reasons: 1) I'm not, and as PC as I would like to think myself, it would bug me if the ignorant among you started assuming things, and 2) the conspiracy-theorists amongst you may be tempted to call the review a self-serving piece of gay propaganda filth if they thought the author were a gay man himself. Sorry guys, straight as an arrow.

5) Please, no debates on the review boards. They're for reviews, people. That doesn't mean I want any challenges in my in-box either—they will be promptly deleted. As you can imagine, I get enough of this in my class, thank you very much…

6) For those interested, when the last review is up, I'll probably make a works cited page so you can track down the articles I cited.

Alright, with that out of the way, on with the reviews!