A Whole New Life

By:Andrew Troy KeIler

Dear Dean,

I really do want to give you another chance,but after what I've seen you doing with Victoria Masters in Chuck Logan's bedroom,while the rest of us were enjoying the Halloween party is something that I should never be able to forgive you for--ever!

And so,even though it might hurt me for doing so,I've decided to get a divorce from you,move to the city of Paris,France and start a whole new life for myself with a new love in my life named Wayne Pennington.

We've met one day at a comic book convention in Chicago.

After we've had a wonderful lunch together,we had gone into his hotel room,where we had made mad,passionate love to each other--and I've enjoyed every moment of it.

And so,even though it's painful to do it by the way of a 'Dear John' letter,I'm demanding a divorce from you,so that you'll be free to marry Victoria and out of my life forever.

Oh,and if you're thinking of trying to get me back,you might as well forget it,because I just don't want to go through another shocking moment like the one at Chuck's Halloween party ever again.

By the time you'll get this letter,I'll be walking towards the Effiel Tower with my newfound beloved.

I'm sorry,Dean.

I really am sorry,but I'm afraid that we both had chosen our own paths in life.

I really wish you luck,Dean.