My day had started out perfect. So deceivingly perfect. Mom and dad were tired of our multi-million dollar city mansion. Just a few months ago, they found a cozy dream-mansion out in the quiet country that they simply couldn't resist. 3 hours after they saw it, they bought it.

            Now, months later, they had finally moved all of their belongings into their newfound palace. But what would become of the mansion? Oh, I knew perfectly well what was going to happen to it.

            It was going to me! I was inheriting the entire estate, plus half of all our money. We're talking TRILLIONS here!!

            It was a dream come true. Just how lucky could a guy get? ALL that living space, just for ME, and ME ALONE!!!

            Or, I thought it was.

            Who ever thought one sentence could bring my whole world crashing down? I can remember every word mom told me.

            "However, in order to inherit both the estate and the fortune, you must first undergo the ceremony of legal marriage to a girl of our approval."

            I banged my head down on my coffee table—my MARBLE, RUBY-ADORNED coffee table—after I finished telling Hirotaka my sorry tale.

            "No problem, Kado. There's absolutely nothing to worry about!"


            "Isn't it obvious? Examine the facts: You're rich and handsome. Find a girl who's really into money, make a reasonable deal, get married, then divorce a couple of months later. You can practically pick a girl of the street like you would pick fruits from the supermarket!"

            "What? I don't work like that."

            "You want the fortune or not?"

            "I'm gonna go down there and get myself a fiancé."

            Hirotaka sat beside me, taking notes as we interviewed the girl in front of us. Huge, jeweled earrings, a perm, tight designer clothing, and a lot of leather.

            She twirled her obviously dyed blond hair around her fingers, fluttering her eyelashes dizzyingly.

            Definitely a ditz. May god forbid I marry this girl.

            "So…" I asked. "What share of the money do you expect to get?"

            "Ohhh," she giggled. I COULD NOT STAND the way she giggled. "A couple million…billion…" pause. "trillion…"

            More silence.

            "Uh, alright. Well," Hirotaka said, smiling good-naturedly, "we'll call you if you make it."

            "I'm sure I will." She winked and strutted out the door, hips swaying side to side exaggeratedly.

            Hirotaka turned to me. "So what do you think about her—"

            "HELL NO."

            "Well, Kado," he scratched his head and stared at the list before him. "you've already rejected all the other girls, and she was the last one."

            "Oh really? I couldn't tell. None of them were very different." We left the café together. It was hopeless. I was ready to ask any random female passerby to marry me. Things were so bad that I wished a car or something would veer off the road and run over me—


            "AAAAAAH!!! WHAT IN GOD'S NAME??!?!?!?!" I ducked as went flying right over me.

            I looked ahead just in time to see a girl make a perfect landing on the cement sidewalk with her skateboard. She was rather attractive. Smooth-looking skin, impish, playful smile, long black hair tied up in a messy ponytail, black baggy pants, and a shirt that read 'Just Escaped from Prison'.

            "Hirotaka," I said, swallowing hard.


            "Write my will, just in case this girl kills me." I cleared my throat and walked up to the tomboy. "Er, hi there. Will you marry me?"

            She stared and furrowed her eyebrows. "…What?"

            "Will you marry me? …Um…please?"

            She laughed and clapped me on the back. "Good one, man, you almost got me! Ah well, nice meeting ya." She prepared to skate away, but I stopped her.

            "I just—well I—at least let me explain—I'm sure you'll understand…"

            "Sooo…basically, what you're saying is that your folks won't hand over this big house thing unless you get hitched."


            She whistled.

            "So…" here it was. My last hope… "How much of the money do you want?"

            "Enough to pay for my college tuition, that's it."  MY FAIRY GODMOTHER LIVES AGAIN!!!

            "So, you'll really do it? Y-you'll marry me?"

            "Yeah, fine. It's all cool. You'll get your big house, I'll get my college money, and after a couple of months or weeks, we can tell your folks it didn't work out and get a divorce."

            I grinned happily, but the smile disappeared quickly. I remembered the next part of the deal: "—to a girl of our approval." Approval. APPROVAL. DAMN that word!!

            "Well…uh…it's not quite as simple as you think."

            "If this involves having a child too, count me out."

            "Wha--?? No, it's not that! It's just…you're not the type of girl my parents would really be thrilled to see me married to."

            "Well…I really need these college funds…I can change just for now, I guess."

            I sighed in relief. "Thanks, I really appreciate this, miss. So, uh, here's my address. Come at around 3 or so."

            "Sure. See ya soon." She started to leave, but I stopped her again.

            "Uh, wait, hang on! I know this is a pretty stupid question to ask since we're engaged, but what's your name?"

            "Mizuki Kinagashi. And you're…?"

            "Kado Nakamura."

            "Alright. Well, bye."