The Dreams we shouldn't have



As I climbed out of my bed I look around the room it was obvious I had been sleeping in. Something was wrong this was not my room or to be more precise was no longer my room.

The way the bed had been position, the chest of draws, those white painted walls, there was no doubt this was my parent's bedroom. I looked down on the bed before me. Now shattered on it were different objects such as a comb, a toothbrush, face wash, hair gel, a pack of condoms, a ----


'A pack of condoms'? I didn't own any as I saw there was no pint to them. My dates with girls would never end that way but then again I had never been on a date with a girl. Clearly these belonged to someone else.

Then the door opened with a suddenly force to reveal my friend who would on occasion sleep over round my home. He had a towel around his shoulders as he was drying his hair whilst also wearing a black T-shirt with silver strips going down it and a pair of very tight maroon boxers on which were obvious too small for him or was something else making them tight?

I looked over at him with a mischievous smile going across my face and a plain old smile going across his. He began to laugh at me whilst pointing leaving me confused. I look at what he was pointing at as I stared down to look at my boxers to see like his own were becoming too small and tight to wear.

My mischievous grin began to widen as he continued laughing unprepared for what I was about to do next. I slowly walked around my bed unnoticed by him. I grabbed the towel around his shoulders and slide it off him with great speed. He looked at me with confusion before I put both my hands under his chin and around his neck and leaned forward to place a kiss on his lips. A mixture of emotions exploded within me as I felt him return the kiss as he wrapped his arms around my shoulders letting out small moans of pleasure as I stopped briefly to catch my breath.

Then he caught me off guard as he began to touch the sensitive area between my legs with a pleasurable and inviting grin going across his own face. I decided it was my turn to take a little control as I once again leaned forward for another kiss but this time I kept my left hand on his chest as I slipped my right down the back of his boxers.

Then the worse thing happened to me. Something I wished had never happened at all. I woke up from my dream and found myself back in my own bedroom with my friend no where in sight.