When Jon woke up that morning it seemed like any other day except he was particularly happy about going to school. The guys in gym class had lightened up on the name calling lately and some girls had even started talking to him, but Sandy still didn't even know he existed. Tony greeted him by the bus stop as he had always done each and every morning. They talked for a bit about basketball, other sports and the subject of Sandy Richards floated into the conversation as always. They boarded the bus and sat in their usual seats, the left row in the very front. Jon had noticed the closer he sat to the driver the fewer spit-balls he got hit with.

When the bus stopped in front of the old Pine Grove High school Jon went to his locker and quickly grabbed his P.E. clothes. Jon wasn't much of an athlete, but he preferred to have P.E. first period so he could get it over with. He entered the locker room and began to change, there was a loud bang when the door swung open "Oh no" Jon said to himself.

"Where is that faggot!" Jeremy Docks and Andy Clarke busted into the locker room screaming. "Oh there you are" teased Andy, "We have been looking all over for you"

Jon had never really known why they hated him as much as they did but they never ceased to tell him how much of a freak he was. Andy walked over and started spraying Jon with deodorant and shaving cream while Jeremy repeatedly punched him in his stomach. Tony broke his way through the group to try to stop Jeremy, he grabbed his arm but Jeremy threw him towards the wall "Bang!" was the sound of Tony's skull hitting the wall. Jon ran over and felt his chest, he wasn't breathing. The back of Tony's skull was totally crushed. He yelled for help and told Jeremy that Tony wasn't breathing but he just looked at him and said, "Now look what you've done now you little fuck you've gone and gotten you best friend killed."

Then they resumed beating him, when they finally stopped Jon fell to the ground gasping for air. This was usually part of the everyday routine but today it was different today, he felt as if they truly meant to hurt him, hurt him badly. Jon got up and started to run, he ran into one of the showers and closed the curtain, hoping they wouldn't find him. Jeremy and Andy ran into the shower area and began to rip the curtains off from their hinges one by one as they walked past. Andy threw the empty bottle of shaving cream into one of the stalls. That stall happened to be the one Jon was hiding in, the only one they didn't check; it hit the wall right above his head shattering into pieces.

Jon thought that if he could just end it right there right then he would do the world a favor. After all no one would miss him, he had already gotten his best friend hurt, his only friend. He picked up on of the larger shards and pressed it to his left wrist. Blood began to gush down out of the slits he made into his wrists.

Jon felt as if all of his fears and cares had been washed out of his body with that blood, until he became very, very lightheaded. Realizing what he had done Jon raced out of the shower into the hall. He ran and ran down what seemed to be an endless hallway, turns and twists of locker lined hallways. Jon finally spotted a door and ran towards it. The door happened to be that of Mrs. James 2nd period History class.

"Oh God please someone help me! I'm dying!" The entire class slowly turned their heads and just looked at him until one girl rose from her seat. It was Sandy; she walked over to Jon and looked at his wrist. The door of the classroom was practically ripped from its hinges when Andy and Jeremy busted in and grabbed Jon. Students had gotten hold of Sandy, pulling, her the opposite way, she screamed at Jon and tried to stay hold of his hands but he was pulled out of the room. The door swung shut so fast Jon could feel the wind. Andy lifted up a rock and smashed Jon's head.

When Jon awoke he was on and operating table fading in and out of consciousness. There were doctors and nurses hovering all around until on they started leaving. One of the nurses pulled a white sheet up over Jon's head and walked out to speak with his parents.

"I'm not dead!" Jon screamed whilst tears formed in his eyes. "Mom! Dad!" I'm here! I'm fine!" Jon's parents looked one final time and draped each others arms they walked out. "God please! I'm not dead someone please help me oh God! I'm not dead! Is this just a dream?!"