A Pair Of Daydreamers

By:Andrew Troy KelIer

Each and every day,at percisely Eight A.M.,a construction worker named John Garner had reported for work at the site of the future Galaxy Burger restauraunt.

And even though he knows that he's suppossed to only be doing his job,it's just that each and every time he sees a fellow co-worker named Sharon McDermott,John had no choice,but to start daydreaming that both he and she were having a secret passionate rendezvous together.

But of course,even though he had kept on daydreaming about the both of them in a lover's embrace,poor John was still able to keep one foot in the realm of reality,for he had known for a fact that he was never able to see her as anything more than just another co-worker.

But that was until one hot and sunny Saturday morning,when some of the construction workers were given the day off.

John had walked into Davidson National Park and was heading towards one of the fishing boat docks.

But as soon as he had reached the docks,John was shocked at the sight of a nude Sharon splashing around in the lake like a huge dolphin.

And when she had looked over to where John was standing,Sharon had raised her hand,waved at him and said,"Come on in,John!The water feels great!"

And then,after he had looked around and saw that no one else was around,John had let out a smile,removed all of his clothes and jumped right into the very same lake.

After he had swam over to Sharon and wrapped his arms around her,she had looked at John and said,"I know why you're doing this.I feel the same way.Whenever I see you at work,I've started having daydreams about us making mad,passionate love to each other."

"Well,Sharon.It looks like we're a pair of daydreamers.",said John,while moving his lips closer to her's."It also looks like those dreams are about to come true."

And with that,both John and Sharon had kissed each other ever so passionately on the lips.

After the kiss,a starry eyed Sharon had looked at John,took a deep breath and asked,"You want to finish this back on shore?"

"Yeah.",answered John,while rubbing his gentle hand against her cheek."I think we should."

And then,after they had swam back to shore,the two newfound lovers had began to enjoy one of the most erotic moments of their lives.

The next day,after John had arrived for work and looked around for his newfound love,someone had walked up to John and tapped on his shoulder.

After he had turned around,John had noticed that it was his best friend,Harry Kotter,who had told John that someone had wanted to see him in the foreman's office.

And after he had walked into the foreman's office,John was confused to discover Sharon sitting in a chair next to her father,newspaper magnate Harrison McDermott of the McDermott Publishing Company,who had gave John a good,hard stare,cleared his throat and asked,"Is it true that both you and my daughter had a romantic rendezvous together yesterday?"

"Yes,Sir.",answered John,after he had taken a deep breath."And all I could say is so what!I mean,I'm sorry if what we had done on that day had offended you!But the both of us really don't give a freaking damn!We're in love--and no matter how much you dare to threaten me,we'll still be in love,period!Now,what do you say about that?"

"I'll tell you what I'll say about that.",answered Harrison,after he had gotten out of his chair and walked towards John."Welcome to the family."

And then,while a tearful Harrison was giving a confused John a great big hug,a relieved Sharon had let out a smile,for she was afraid that Harrison would've gone gonzo when he had found out about her and John.

As for what Harrison had meant when he had said to John,"Welcome to the family.",the answer to that question had came soon enough,for on December 31st,the New Year has also been celebrated with a wedding,as in all their family and friends had attended the holy union of John and Sharon Garner.

And after the wedding,they had moved into a downtown penthouse apartment,where they had lived happily ever after.