We should have known better
Icy roads and bad weather
I never ever imaged the image of your torn sweater
My heart torn; your form lifeless and forlorn
Your rosebush scent cut me like a thorn
The happiness we felt in moments before was all that we cared for
Adrenaline and alcohol; all this freedom and we dared more
Young and in love we thought ourselves invincible
Until this invisible death challenged our principles
The reality of our vitality was in our do or die mentality
I wouldn't do anything to give up my ways despite my appetite for mortality
In actuality beyond your eyes I fell in love with your essence
Funny how my rise and demise could be caused by your presence
We watched a sunrise change into a sunset
I was surprised the way you said, "I love you and never forget"
And if seeing is believe what are these feelings with which you've been
We were living life on the edge joking, smoking and speeding
Your words cut me; it wasn't the metal in me that kept me bleeding

A few minutes from now everyone's hearts will be breaking
I can see them shaking
Our lives to young to be taken
Five minutes ago my heart was broken
You said we couldn't be anymore and you weren't joking