Amelia walked into the small coffee shop around noon, deciding to order a small cappuccino. Looking around, she was surprised to see that there was only one available seat: a small table by the window that already had an occupant. Before she could think better of it, she walked over to the table.
"Pardon me, is this seat taken?" She asked quietly of the woman at the table, noting as she did so that the woman was quite beautiful. The woman looked up, her deep green eyes slightly surprised as she realized she was being spoken to. She reached up and pushed a lock of light brown hair from her eyes.
"No, no. Please, have a seat." She gestured at the empty chair across from her.
"Oh, thank you." Amelia said with a smile as she sat. "Please, accept my apologies if I am disturbing you in any way. I am a regular visitor of this coffee shop, and I can't recall ever seeing it so busy..." She trailed off as a waitress came her way and asked her what she would like. "I'll take a small cappuccino, please. Thank you."
The woman shook her head, "It's no trouble at all." She smiled, "I understand. I come here often, also. This is the only place I have found that prepares a white chocolate mocha to match my own." She chuckled lightly. "My name is Julianna Baxter. It is a pleasure to meet you." She extended her hand.
"The pleasure is mine, Julianna." Amelia shook the offered hand. "I am Amelia Montgomery. Do you live near here?"
"Yes, only about two blocks away." Julianna's face held a hint of concentration now, "It seems like I have seen you before. Do you also live in this area?"
Amelia smiled, "I was feeling quite the same... Yes, I live in Valley Terrace."
Julianna seemed surprised at this revelation. "It surprises me that we have not crossed paths before, Amelia. I frequent Valley Terrace often; my sister lives there."
From there, the two women continued to chat, learning more about each other as they did so. As it turned out, Julianna had lived in Valley Cove since she was six, whereas Amelia had moved to Valley Cove five years ago. The two were close in age, Amelia being twenty-four and Julianna twenty- seven. The women found that they had much in common, and exchanged phone numbers and addresses, promising to meet again very soon for lunch. Amelia left the coffee shop that day with a smile on her face and feeling decidedly glad that she had chosen that particular day to enter the coffee shop. It was not everyday that one met a person with which they had so much in common, and Amelia had a feeling that she and Julianna would grow to be close friends .with the hope, for Amelia in any case, of more than friends.