Work late.

Christmas crush starts early.

Gov'ner's wife's book signing.

Customers mobbing and milling and messing.

Masses of people preparing to press flesh,

to have some sort of story to outlast the cold.

Come home.

Technic'ly the next day.

Hell, who listens to the damn clock.

Returning to growl about the world. Grumbling.

'bout people, how they treat others.

Like garbage to step on, or shit—

necessary but nothin' to look at.

Someone to pick up their coffee cup.

Go online.

See the news.

Terror in Istanbul synagogue.

Istanbul, not Constantinople. Not funny.

Death striking the Sabbath. Holy day. A Bar Mitsvah.

Ceremony for growing up. Seeing the dead before you.

The injured crying, screaming, in an artificial dust storm.

Blood framed by classical arches splintering

fragmenting from bombs.

See how people treat others.

A/N Where is the line, where does disrespect fades into hate? Maybe just fixing the little things is a start?