Victory Unreserved
By Ron Smith

A flash in the light,
Awash with the waters of life.
The plateau achieved
And misery a fleeting dream.

Falling stars
Sparking in the kindles,
Red tides caressing
The distant horizon.

A wave of heated air,
The tears stream down,
The deed is done,
The dead is gone.

Penance for a sin
An eye for an eye,
The blade digs in,
Blood by tears diluted.

Thrashing on the floor
And rolling on razors.
The skin peels back
The neck bursts open.

Metal shards,
Scraps of skin,
Fire spreads,
Chorus of a painful hymn.

The wooden rafters stained,
And by metal lodged in
Yelling ceases
And severed tongue is swallowed.

The pain is numbing
Smell increasing
Burnt flesh
Rotting carcass.

Killed the bastard
Killed the self
Killed the heart
Killed the mark of shame.

Gone in darkness
All is done
The war is won.
Victory unreserved.