A mental wall stands before me
Behind which my instincts cower
Fear rising in my throat, choking me
Reason and Logic locked in battle against my mind.
The heat from the flames scorches my face
As my body stands motionless in panic
All its energy is in my mind
As the battle for supremacy continues within my brain.
I must get on with my life
This phobia is crushing me
The mental wall must be torn down
Let reason gain control
I cannot remain a slave to this fear
I must break free at all cost
However great or tall, this mental wall must fall.
And so it is match in hand, shaking with fear
I set light to the fuse and stand well back
This wall shall be blown up
Boooooooom, the sound echoes around the valley
The moment maybe over, the firework is spent
But its impression has been left
Its one small brick gone from the wall
I can see the other side
The mental wall is tumbling, the blocks are being removed.
This crippling phobia is dispersing
A happier me it shall provide.
This mental wall is crumbling.
Reason has seen the light.