She let out a long sigh as she dodged another malicious swipe, and began to ponder how long she had been doing this. Ever since Sylvia Venner had stepped foot into this castle she had been subjected to the most ungracious treatment ever. Hellspawn after hellspawn, demon after demon, death inducing trap after death inducing trap, what happened to the cups of tea, and biscuits; the afternoon of idle prate in a lush and bountiful garden? Of course when within, the bowels of an eerie castle that would soon be hosting a dark ceremony to resurrect an ancient evil luxuries such as biscuits and tea were rather scarce.

"Excuse me a moment." The swarthy woman said as she grabbed the reptilian creature's scaly arm, twisting it so its own claw skewered it. It let out a shriek of pain, as life fled from its crimson red eyes. Pushing the dead body away from her with her right foot, Sylvia stared at her remaining two assailants. Brushing a strand of silver hair out of her eyes and a tap on the brim of her hat, she clicked her tongue thrice very slowly followed by several staccato hissing sounds, a rude and unforgivable gesture in the language of these beasts. They both screeched at the top of their demonic lungs, a sudden feeling of indignation running through them. Their dark green chests heaving with every anger filled cry and their lust for blood bordering on maddening. (A/N: something most people would do after talking about their mother) With a quick step, the green lizards leapt at her, 3 foot claws at the ready, anxious for a taste of blood. Sylvia had anticipated this, and simply sidestepped to her right, dodging one poorly executed swipe and ducked under the other one, which was a bit more accurate but hardly effective. She spun on her heel and faced the enraged beasts, and shrugged in a mocking manner. Her attackers took sight of the 5'10 woman dressed in a classy ensemble of black & white, a matching wide brimmed fedora to boot. A beguiling smirk crept upon her face goading the feral animals to come in for the kill. They were eager to slit her throat and feast upon her organs but the cogs in their savage brains began to turn albeit slowly. They had lunged and attacked more times then not, and they had yet to inflict any wounds, she even took out on of their "comrades". It wasn't as if they cared about their fallen "friend" but it was a known fact that Sk'arris (Cold Hunters in the mortal tongue) where some of the fiercest warriors in the demonic hierarchy. It was clear that their was something more to this woman then originally thought.
"You're going to keep me waiting all day?" She asked knowing full that they could not understand her. The creatures circled around her slowly, growling and snarling ambiently. With a new vigor one of the beasts pounced at Sylvia, clashing both tooth and claw, anticipating the moment when the kill would be its own. Elation had only been a fleeting dream for the ambitious creature as it found itself feasting upon a serrated blade 5 feet long and several inches wide, its drink was the scarlet blood that only moments before was traveling through its thick veins. It fell to the floor in a crumpled hump with nary a sound, leaving the last beast to stare on with a dumbfounded look upon its face. It had bared witness to a sight that was nothing short of embarrassing. Two Sk'arris, powerful reptilian predators of the demonic world slain easily by a lanky mortal woman. The last Sk'arri glanced at the remains of the others, it was smart enough to question what would be the best course of action. A slight twinkle in its red eyes revealed its reluctance to attack, and Sylvia took advantage of this by rectifying its decision problem for the beast with a 12 gauge shotgun blast to its angled head. It flew back skidding a few inches on the cavern sand, before hopping on its feet and making a mad sally at her. Sylvia shook her head and shot once more followed by another. The Sk'arri stumbled and fell to the floor, red blood seeping out of its body. Sylvia simply tipped her hat and began to walk away when she stopped in her tracks. She whirled around in time to dodge the beast's claws, and grit her teeth out of anger for her careless mistake.
The last Sk'arri turned around, its lips were curled which revealed pearly white fangs, a slow rumbling coming from its throat; it was laughing. It held up its right claw, clear enough that Sylvia could see a black piece of cloth upon it. She glanced down and saw a decent sized hole in her coat. "You little.." The beast had been laughing at her, it had been the only one to even touch her. It began its charge again, fueled by feral pride and the emptiness of its stomach. Sylvia took aim with the shotgun and fired, the bullets had only clipped the creature's arm as it ducked out of the way and continued at her. Sylvia spat on the sandy ground and motioned with her hand for the beast to continue its assault, of which it happily obliged to. The distance between them had been cut down to size by a few powerful strides of the Sk'arri's legs. It jumped towards Sylvia and engaged her in a crazed melee. Taking swipes that seemed more furious then before, the Sk'arri roared in frustration, Sylvia's constant dodging upsetting it to no end. The deranged attack continued on for a few more moments before Sylvia ducked under its left arm and smashed the beast's kneecap with a low kick. It cried out in pain and staggered backward desperately trying to get the incapacitated limb to support itself. Sylvia followed with an axe kick to the neck of the creature causing it to reacquaint itself with the ground. It rolled onto its back and hissed at Sylvia. "Yeah, I don't like you much either." She retorted as her heel connected with the beast's neck. She watched as the creature tried to breathe despite its crushed esophagus, slowly its movements began to slow and the beast fell into the Reaper's clutches. Sylvia began to walk away when she stopped and glanced behind her shoulder. She returned to the corpse of the Sk'arri unlucky enough to meet her and aimed at her shotgun at its face, the barrel pressing hard against the beast's head. "This is because I really don't like you." She pulled the trigger leaving brains, guts and God knows what else splashed across the tawny sand. "Talk about being empty headed." She quipped leaving the site of the battle. She stopped yet again, her pause followed by a quick shaking of her head as she realized how bad her joke was.