By:Andrew Troy Keller

It was just back in the days of the NASCAR Ford 400,when a young race jockey named Jed Ebsen had finished the qualifying run with a speed of 179.729 MPH and was able to continue to pursue his lifelong dream--to become the next NASCAR Champion.

And then,on the day of the race at the Homestead-Miami Speedway,Jed had finished going over his checklist and was about to get ready to get into his car for the start of the race.

Then,after he had recieved a good luck kiss from his sweetheart and chief mechanic,Cindy Lou Hunnicut,Jed drives his car out of the pit area and joins the others in following the pace car to the starting line.

And as soon as the pace car had moved to one side,the other cars had started to speed up,for the race had offically gotten under way.

On the first lap,Jed was able to pass Jeff Gordon,who was driving the Chevy car number twenty-four and was moving up to the next car,which was being driven by Bobby Labonte.

But suddenly,just as he was about to pass the Chevy car number eightteen,Jed had looked at the other cars up ahead and was shocked to discover that one of the cars had slammed itself right into a wall and the debris was heading towards him.

And after he had spotted the wreackage heading in his direction,Jed had done what no other NASCAR Racer had ever done before--he had gotten off the track,in order to avoid getting hit by the debris.

However,some of the other cars weren't so lucky,for they had no choice,but to become the first casualties of Turbo Alley.

And while the track crews were working on getting the debris off the track,a worried Cindy Lou had asked Jed would he able to win the race and still be in one piece.

His only answer was "I hope so."

And with that,Jed had rejoined the other cars for the restart of the race.

And then,after a really tough race that had lasted 199 laps,Jed was able to be the first car to cross the finish line and win the cash prize of $91,720.

After he had recieved the check,his beloved Cindy Lou had joined him at the Winner's Circle and gave him a great big hug,for she was so happy that her beloved NASCAR Racer was unable to become a victim of a race track known as Turbo Alley.