AN: (a very long one. Okay, not really. But longer than usual)

So, I had the last chapter posted up. But some felt it was severely lacking, and/or totally rushed, and/or just complete monkey ass. I, personally, didn't like it as well. So delete it goes. I'll rewrite it. No worries. cackles Kay, so possibilities of me rewriting anything are VERY, VERY low, but I got nominated for this thing, and I guess I shouldn't disappoint my readers, lol. Looks like I'll be up all night redoing the chapter. Apparently, some readers don't want me to end the story yet.

Thing is, I have no clue to write about. This story, I admit, from the beginning never had any potential. It's the CRAPPIEST thing I've written thus far and I'm ashamed to show it to you avid readers. But if you insist, I shall do what I can to make it spiffy and finish it off with a pretty ribbon on top. I'll have to go and reread the entire story (yes, I need to read my own story. That's how bad it is.) and hunt for my old notes and brainstorming for this story. I'm sure it's around somewhere…grumbles

I can't believe I took 2 years on this thing. This is a sin against my nature. I don't spend 2 years on ANYTHING. This is insane.

Anyway, expect a new and better and not-the-end chapter soon.

O YEAH!!!!! I got zapped with inspiration in my calculus class today. Expect a new story from me as soon as I rid myself of this shameful piece of wannabe romance. It's called On the Pharaoh's Camel. It's not as lame as the title, 'kay? Lol. I actually had a great time brainstorming for this one, and I promise you, it'll be MUCH better than this story. shudders with disgust To provoke your anticipation further, it's about ancient Rome and Egypt; a roman falling in love with an Egyptian and vice versa.

I was going to do the cliché high school girl caught in a love triangle thing but then I was like, "What am I, a loser?" So yeah.

Okay, I think I'm done rambling.

Onto ripping this story to shreds and sewing it back together.

Payce, ya'll…AND I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!! I really do. sniff You guys have supported me with your lovely reviews and comments. MUCH thanks. I hope I don't continue to disappoint you in the future (this story was major ass), and I always strive to be a better writer.