Black and Blue

It's scary, when you're all alone
With this person, and they're angry
They blame you because there isn't any one else around
You hide in a closet, hoping they won't find you
You here footsteps
You hold you breath
You pray that they don't know where you are
You close your eyes, the closet door opens,
You feel a fist hit your face, then your arms, and stomach
You scream, and yell for help, but no one is there to help you
You're black and blue, you're black and blue
And there's nothing you can do
You wear long shirts and avoid gym
You cry silently in the bathroom
Praying for someone to help you
But no one is there
You're alone
People call you quiet and weird and shy
But do they ever wonder why?
They'll whisper and laugh,
But will they ever just be there to help?
You're scared of the world
Because of someones mistake
A mistake that made you black and blue