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…"One day, one night one moment
With a dream to be leaving
One step, one fall, one falter
Find a new world across a wide ocean
This way became my journey
This day brings together
Far and Away

This day brings together
Far and Away
Far and Away..."



Night fell upon the heavens, as stars seemed to dance with the rays of moonlight shining down upon the peaceful land.  The only sounds emitting in this paradise, were the sounds of the night life itself, and the slight evening winds making their ways across the land.

The oceans cast their waves crashing upon the white sand; rocks of small and vast echoing their song throughout the setting itself.  If one were to look close enough, they would find a shadow- though hidden in the rocky platforms of this haven; locks of wavy hair blowing gently in the wind.

Diamond, heart shaped earrings dangled upon her; casting the only sparkle, next to the sky and ocean of course, as a choker of silver wrapped around it's pale complexion- holding a sapphire-blue heart in the dead center.  A heart-shaped crystal was placed upon the upper left part of her dress, as it seemed to sparkle with each step she took along the way.

It grunted slightly, making it's way over to the next rock; the clicking of platform heels being heard, as it made contact with the stones.  It looked around, a very interesting staff placed in it's hands, as it smiled into the night.

"Dude?  Aurora?  Dude?!  Can you hear me?  Dude!" a female voice called out.

The lady stopped in her tracks, reaching into her pocket and taking out a small, silver compact mirror.  She lifted the top, as the silver glass glowed an aura of white- a picture of a lady with long, neon-orange hair, and silver eyes appearing.

"Yes, Leena.  I hear you.  Loud- and well, very loud," the lady, now named 'Aurora' spoke into the tiny speakers that emitted on the bottom half of this mirror.

Deep, violet eyes glowed with the night sky, as locks of royal blue, wavy hair flowed with the wind, falling to her mid-back; as lavender highlights kissed the locks lightly.

"Sorry.  I was just a bit nervous that you had gotten hurt or something.  I mean, taking on this mission of breaking into the Underworld to fix a thievery going on down there and such.  I worry about you, little 'cuz," the orange haired lady, now called 'Leena' responded.

"Serlenna, what are you so worked up about?  I'm the Angel of Light around here.  You're just waiting for me in the car.  You're fine," Aurora stated, her white, sleeveless dress ruffling in the wind.

"Maybe.  But you know, this job is risky.  I mean, I'm sure Trystan could have easily-" Serleena began.

"Trystan would have easily gotten himself killed.  Leena, quit worrying.  I live for this stuff," Aurora shot back.

"Well, all right.  I was just trying to look out for you, friend," Serlenna went on.

"And I appreciate it.  But this is my life; and I'd risk that very thing if I had to," Aurora replied.

"Yeah.  And that's what worries me," Serleena spoke back. 

Aurora laughed, "Keep that engine running, Leena; I'll be out of here in no time," Aurora concluded, shutting the top to the mirror, causing the connection to be lost.

She fixed her long, white gloves, as she got a better grip on her staff; taking the final jump to her destination.  Brushing off her dress, she chanted something in an ancient language; a black portal opening up, as streaks of silver swirled around the opening. 

Aurora smirked, making her way into it, as she felt herself flying.  Bringing her staff to the sky, she slammed it down so it would stand straight up; causing the portal to cease- and for the lady to be surrounded by walls of dreary darkness.

She smiled.

'Now to find that stolen crystal-' she thought, making her way slowly around the endless maze, as she eventually approached a room of light.

She snuck inside, being wary of anyone not a friend to her, as she eventually reached a formation of rocks.  Thinking for a moment, she made her way up- moving one from it's place in the pebbled ground; studying it for a moment, before causing her staff to light up.

The maiden swung it around; casting the ray of white light it emitted upon the rock itself, as it shattered into many jagged pieces.  Once the pieces dropped to the ground, the young woman smiled; seeing what she had been looking for all this time.

'The Crystal of Darkness.  Finally,' she thought with a smirk, placing it into the silver carry bag she held over her shoulder.

She was about to head out, when-

"Intruder!" a female voice called out, a shadowed figure appearing up upon a rock.

It jumped down, grunting slightly as it's black, high heeled boots hit the land below.

"I finally found you.  And you can't deny your trip this time- I caught you right in the act," it made known.

Long, cedar-colored hair flowed down to the owner's shoulders, as it came out in a somewhat curl/wave combination.  Mysterious green eyes stared back at the angel in white; anger laced within them, almost as if the two were rivals.

She wore a pair of tight, black-leather pants, as a navy blue, short-cut tank top hugged her curves.  A black, leather jacket fell to just below her waist, as a black onyx spike bracelet was present around her left wrist. 

Around her neck was a silver, spiky, gothic-type of necklace, as she was obviously on the darker side- versus the angel that stood before her.  She wore a pair of white gold, thunderbolt-type of earrings, as she as well held a staff- this time being of black onyx, and flame-shaped- versus the sphere shape that the angel's held.

Aurora looked up, "Ah, Crimson.  Long time, no see, I assume?  Not since that run in with the Silver Moon."

"Oh, yes; that reminds me- you and your team need to bring the Gem of Destruction back- to it's rightful owner," Crimson returned.

"Yes.  But you know that they cannot handle it's power.  It was made for evil, but we are using it for the forces of good," Aurora stated once more.

"And also, I'll be taking that crystal you stole from us.  You and your minions have held it captive for too long," she added.

"Then give me the Gem.  Quid pro quo," Crimson tried to bribe.

"No.  Actually, we were planning on keeping it.  As both to improve our Light Kingdom; and as well as a little memory of our- hey, you know- that staff is pretty nice.  Kind of- makes you look hot," Aurora playfully flirted with a smirk.

"Do you like it?  This baby can shoot thunderbolts great enough to bring down an entire country.  One hit with this, and your eternal life is cut short," Crimson stated.

"You do not know the powers of an angel, dear.  I don't fall too easily," Aurora retaliated.

Crimson laughed softly to herself, "Well, we'll have to see about that."

Aurora spun her staff a bit, "You know, I'd love to stay and chat.  Cake, coffee, and maybe lunch.  But I have a job to do, and a crystal to deliver.  Good day, Crimson-" she spoke, starting to walk off.

The cider-haired woman growled, raising her own staff, as a jolt of purple light shot at the young angel, missing by just a little.  Aurora retaliated by firing a beam of white light from her own staff; hitting the other lady slightly upon her right wrist, causing her to cringe in a bit of pain.

She heard the other woman start to run after her, her compact mirror beeping, as she held it and uncapped it in mid-run.

"Great job, dude!  Now, just get back onto the beach, and I'll be waiting in the parking lot.  See ya then," Serleena spoke one final time, before disconnecting the two friends.

Aurora smirked, shooting one last beam from her staff- catching the darker-dressed woman in a web of light.  Crimson struggled to get free, only to fail in her wishes; sighing in disgust as she spoke in a voice laced with anger:

"You won't escape me next time, angel!" she shouted out, the white-dressed lady disappearing back to the evening light.

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