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~*~Three Years Later~*~

Crimson looked out onto the sun-setting sky.  She still couldn't believe that she was here; married to the girl in which she never thought she would be married to; and sharing such a beautiful place with the love of her life.  Oftentimes, she would pinch herself- just to see if it were all a dream; and she would again wake up to being alone.

But assurance always found her, when she would remain in the exact same place; and the exact same time.  She smiled at that, fixing her eyes upon her pentacle wedding ring.  She and Aurora had been married for three years now, and to her, it still felt like only yesterday.

She made her way into the living room; closing the curtains, as it was getting to be nighttime; shutting and locking the door.  It's not that they were going to bed; as it was only 7:30; but they wanted to make sure that no one could walk in un-invited.  Just to be safe.

She sighed, lightly removing some of the silver curtain aside; gazing out onto the sky.  Autumn was in the air; and the leaves had gone from a lush, healthy green- to a vibrant rainbow of reds, yellows, oranges, and browns; fluttering softly to the frost-kissed ground below.

The former renegade continued to stare- remembering the exact day in which she had started to fall in love with her wife.  It was the morning after she had brought her to their place hurt; when they had shared their first meal together.

'So long ago,' she thought, shaking her head, and releasing the cloth material from her grip- letting it dance with the air coming from the slightly cracked window to her left.

A slight whimper brought her from her thoughts; Crimson gasping slightly, and heading upstairs- walking inside to a little room- formerly the guestroom; as it was now covered with mobiles, toys, and a few little dressers and nightstands; both made of a light oak, as the woman made her way over to the far right corner- eventually reaching a white, lace bassinette- traces of silver being seen within the delicate silk upon the inside.

She peeked in over the rim; gazing down upon the tiny life nestled within it's lacy exterior- smiling softly, "Well, greetings to you too."

She reached inside; lightly taking the infant into her arms, and holding the life to her chest, "Oh, honey- you're getting so big.  Soon I won't be able to do this so easily," she laughed, hearing a soft coo from the baby in her arms.

Her heart nearly melted, laying a light kiss upon it's soft, but tanned cheek; rocking the tiny life back and fourth; almost dancing gracefully, as she giggled; taking a seat upon the wicker chair, and stroking the locks of gold; highlights of royal blue being seen throughout.

Crimson brought her child closer, gazing down and singing lightly:

…"There's a place in-between
My thoughts and my dreams
That touches me deeply
Light, shadows and beams
In shades of blue and green
And I'm lost completely

It's been a part of me always
I've known this forever

Where the sky meets the ocean
Through the mist there, just beyond
In the haven I long for
My Avalon

There's a song from inside
That pulls like the tide
When I'm here alone
From another time and place

A melody of grace
Is calling me home

And I'm filled with the sweet sound
I close my eyes and I follow

Where the sky meets the ocean
Through the mist there, just beyond
In the haven I long for
My Avalon…"

Sunset orange eyes met deep, emerald green eyes as Crimson sang; hearing a yawn from below- her child nestling into her, as orange eyes closed lightly; causing the red-haired angel to stop singing; standing up, and letting her wings flutter slightly; before light cooing was heard from the door.

"Such the little cuties," a voice called, stepping inside.

"Aurora.  I didn't see you come in," Crimson blushed, keeping a hold of their baby.

Aurora giggled, "Just listening to you sing; and you both being so sweet."

Crimson shook her head, "Again; what am I gonna do with you, Angel-girl?" she smirked.

Aurora shrugged, "No idea.  But my Tulip has got one gorgeous voice."

Crimson went a cherry red; laughing softly.  Even though they had both heard each other singing to the child in which they had wanted for so long; and had finally created- she still was shy about singing to anyone aside from an empty car.

"In your eyes maybe," she spoke, feeling her wife kneel down beside her; gazing upon the infant in her arms.

"So, was she good?" 

"Always.  Woke up a few moments ago; but as you can see-" Crimson pointed out at the now sleeping form in her embrace.

"Awwww.  She's a cutie, isn't she?" Aurora spoke, stealing a stroke through her silken; wavy hair.

"Yeah.  Just like her Mommy," Crimson spoke, giving a smile to her wife.

Aurora sighed, "It seems like only yesterday I had first told you of being pregnant."

"I know.  We still have to thank Solis for helping us too," Crimson began, "But nothing seems right in return for this little angel right here."

"Mmm.   We'll think of something.  Though, I did swing in and see Leena tonight.  You know, on the way back from work," Aurora began, as Crimson arched a brow, "Really, now?  How's she doing?"

"Great.  Really well.  She said she misses us; even though she's only been gone from our house for about a week," Aurora went on.

Crimson laughed, "Yep.  Typical Leena."

"Yeah.  She said that Mil and Eterni just got back from their honeymoon here three days ago.  She said they brought back pictures of Ireland for us," Aurora explained; inching closer to her wife.

"That's awesome.  We'll have to drop by sometime," Crimson stated, standing up from the chair.

Aurora lightly ran a hand through the soft, feathery texture of her lover's right wing; nodding, "Indeed we will."

The two locked eyes, not saying any words; but just letting the silence surround them- knowing that sometimes the best statements were made in that same element.

"Anyway, I think this little angel wants to sleep," Crimson spoke, lightly placing their daughter into the bassinette; Aurora joining beside her; laying a soft kiss upon her cheek, "Goodnight, my angel."

Crimson followed suit; she and her love pulling the little blankets that were upon the bottom over her tired form; Aurora reaching up to spin the star mobile that was placed above the crib- soft and soothing music starting to play.

"Sleep well, my darling Relena," Crimson finished up; hitting the lights, as darkness submerged them- the slight hint of silvery moonlight dancing it's way around the room.

The couple lightly shut the door halfway; making their ways into their bedroom; Crimson sighing, and kicking back upon their waterbed.  Aurora laughed warmly; joining suit, as she kicked off her sneakers- sticking them by her lover's boots.


Crimson brushed back some of her hair, "Yeah.  But it's all worth it."

Aurora smiled, pulling her wife into a loving kiss, "It is.  She may be a handful; but she's our handful."

Crimson smiled, shifting slightly, and wrapping the other woman into a warm embrace, her wings seeming to curl around them both- keeping them safe and warm.

"So, Angel-girl; tomorrow's the start of the weekend.  What would you like to do?"

Aurora's eyes sparkled with a seductive hint of mischief.

Crimson sighed playfully, "Well, of course that.  But, what else?"

Aurora smirked, "Hmm.  Well, maybe we could-" she began, laying a kiss onto where her dark angel's neck and shoulder met; Crimson shivering slightly from this, as she went on, "Take Relena out on the lake.  Maybe-" she carried on, brushing some of her hair from her shoulders- trailing light butterfly kisses up to her cheek, and meeting her lips.

The darker angel sighed, her green eyes fluttering lightly, "Mmm.  That sounds great."

"Mmmhmm," Aurora spoke, curling up beside her, "Take the Bass Tracker; you know?  Fish a little maybe.  Like the first day we spent together."

Crimson gave a chuckle, "Yeah.  Catch another eel?" she winked, feeling her love bust up; her form shaking a little from this, "And throw him out of the boat?"

"Yep.  With two oars," Aurora added on, smiling down at the woman in which she had once called her mortal enemy; not being able to help but melt at the sight of her.

"Mmm," Crimson spoke, "And making sure to have him pull a 360 in the air while we're at it."

Aurora cracked up; nestling herself in her angel's locks of red; sighing, and drying a few tears in her eyes; a thought suddenly striking her, as she grinned- meeting the eyes of the woman she loved.

"And tell ya what.  This time- I'll drive the boat," she concluded, striking a pose.

Crimson paled.

~*~The End~*~

~And friends; after so much- SF comes to a close.  ;;-;;  I know, I'm sad. Too.  But  I have to say that through this entire transformation from just your average love story- to something in which teaches us all that being different is ok; I'd say it became something even more.  I do hope that you all have learned a lesson from this.  A lesson that is exactly the moral of the story:  Some people are different; and some may not be like you and me.  That is no reason to ever shun them, or treat them unlike the rest.  We're all connected in some form; and color, personality, lifestyle- it makes no difference.  What does make a difference is seeing past the outside- and seeing what is inside.  Who knows?  Maybe you'll make some new friends along the way; and maybe even someday more.  But for now, this is Mystique signing off.  Lovies to all!  3

~*~Dedicated to everyone who has ever been shunned, or hated for who they are~*~

…"I'll make a wish for you
And hope it will come true
That life would just be kind
To such a gentle mind

If you lose your way
Think back on yesterday
Remember me this way
Remember me this way…"

~Jordan Hill

…For those that continue to support my work; and for those I hold dearest…thank-you.  So very much. I could not have gotten this far without your kindness.

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