Wish Upon Jupiter

Don't wish on a star, wish upon Jupiter.

They say that man will never reach the farthest stars,

And that the death of our own will drag us with it.

Wish upon Jupiter,

closer to home;

Swelling with bloody storms, big enough to swallow us -

and all our dreams -

Internalising them, chewing them

Restoring them to reality.

Imagine them, faint like light

dropping into the Red Spot which is bigger than Earth.

And they would be sent back,

like packages in the mail, to occur.

Jupiter is near and huge.

It is concrete and observable,

but still mysterious, and still separated from us.

The perfect agent to make wishes real.

In addition, equipped with sixteen moons.

Stars are unreliable,

requiring journeys

of too much length and time

of too much uncertainty.

Why not give chance a chance?

Jupiter is efficient:

Use logic in superstition.

Be sure of hopes and dreams

do not consign them

to the risks

of what might be.

This piece is for Writer's Window and the Auckland Observatory.