And as I have no silver tongue

I'll borrow mercury…

Loosen my tongue and say the words I want to say.

I'll paint my lips to add a lustre to those days

that otherwise would fall on us like lead.

Instead, I'll wield the speech that lets me freely praise,

and makes sincere applause believed.

I'll shape my mouth like Perseus's shield

the mirror whose reflections were redeemed.

Opulent eloquence, wash over me;

Quick-silver slick, a shimmering of precious oil.

I'd rather shine than spare the lily gilt.

I'd rather pour my words into a well for all to dip

and I'm posed to dive in, but: I see the lily wilt.

Poison poised quivering upon my tongue,

the words quicksilver would have said too soon;

The mercury in my mouth would stop my air

and I must spill the silver rising there

or swallow words too polished to be true.

I lift a throat gone dry

up to the sky - thirsting to be still.

~For Sara-Lee, who gave me the inspiration, and the more positive ideas.
Note: Mercury is poisonous: please don't try this at home. *grin*

(Note: Thanks to Werecat99, who tells me that mercury can sometimes be treated as other than a poison (in small amounts, I assume.))