Watching herself run

She launches herself to go sailing against the water.

It is so easy and quick to become a self:

a Person on a Beach. Running with both arms out.

Conscious of watching herself,

becoming a person by bestowing,

upon her own running figure, an image

that people would see if they were there to look.

And she feels the sand under her toes

just as she might write it down.

It's good to know her memory matches the touch.

Now she can use it

or allude to it, in a poem.

It might symbolise a lot of things.

Turning and running, in line with the sea and the bush.

Giving herself a profile, colouring in.

Filling in details - a Beach, a Girl, alone,

Who she is in labels, what applies.

Sorted neatly by sand and sea and waves.

This one's for Miut. Hope you like it! :)