I just want to please,
But it's not worth it.
It's hard to be happy,
When there's no happiness,
It's hard to love,
When you're too afraid,
It's hard to trust,
When there's no such thing,
It's hard to have friends,
When you not a friend back,
It's hard to give your soul,
When you have no soul to give,
It's hard to lend your heart,
When it's broken beyond repair,
It's hard to say sorry,
If you don't really mean it,
It's hard to live,
If there's no reason.
But it's hard to say this,
Because I know it isn't true.
But it's what I feel,
So what really is the truth?
It's all fantasy,
It could easily be,
But I know it isn't,
Because it's in my head,
I live with it, every passing day,
But you all just ignore it,
I guess its better that way.
By Siobhan
Date: 17/November/2003