Making Me Sin


All right, I feel I should add this for the sake of anyone who may stumble across it and be…'exposed' to my twisted lifestyle and beliefs. I'm not in the mood for any angry emails from you damn Fundie Christians for corrupting little Billy or Jennifer, got me?

This story is chock full of Homosexuality. Guys kissing/hugging/fucking/loving other guys. It's full of Christian bashing. (Not the faith, the people. I think Christianity is a great thing, in theory. It's people who have screwed it up.) It's got a self-proclaimed Satanist as one of the main characters, though he barely believes in God, let alone Satan.

If you're Christian I won't say the story isn't for you, I'll simply say it may not be the best story for you. I wouldn't turn anyone away from my work. (I'm not that conceited) But you have been forewarned. No bitching, because I'll just show them to my friends and we'll laugh at you.

Anyway, if, at the end of this story you leave was a new thought in your head, I've succeeded. If you leave with a bad taste in your mouth or mind, hey, again, I've done my job. If you hate me, then once again, I've done what I set out to do. And you just take it at face value and enjoy the story, then once again, I've achieved something, which rocks.

….it would seem I win no matter what. Heh. I suppose that kind of means…life is really good.

Nah, I'm joking. There is a lot of Religion in this; there is also a lot of Anti-religious views. It's my hope that I'm able to do both with equal importance and unbiased feelings on my part. But I am human after all, so I can make no promises. Could very well depend on my mood that day…