Chapter 1:

It was several years back that I walked silently on the eerie back streets of New York. I pushed back my brown hair which fell around my face, the only thing pulling it back was a half-pony. Slowly I pulled the red high heels off my swollen feet and walked on bare-foot in the red sequined dress.

It had been a hard time at the night-club with men swooning around my feet. I was nineteen and I had taken up that job for my families benefit. We where poor, but they where no longer here. It was that same strange night, when I was hurrying home that my life ended, cruelly, sharply and with hardly any memories.

"Where is Lucy? I had sighed leaning back against a brick wall, Lucy was my best friend, a slender girl long blonde hair. "Probably drunk" I muttered "or flirting". I leaned back against the brightly coloured wall, covered in the art of individuals. I sank back to the ground, leaning against the coldness. I braced myself tightly as a cold wind spun around my nearly bare body. "She'll come" I kept muttering, messaging my feet.

I could feel the cold rain begin to beat down on my body, and I shivered as my dress became drenched and my hair slopped miserably around my neck. As I sat there, pulling myself into the shadow of the wall I watched as many people moved around me, unaware of my presence.

It was then that a deep shadow emerged closer to me, and I looked up in fear.

"Well my pretty, what are you doing out in such a dark place?" I heard his voice before I noticed him and I trembled in fear, as his dark shadow loomed over me, blocking out the light from the street-lamp to the left of me.

"I, I. I'm waiting!" I said shakily, looking up at the yellow eyes which bore down on me.

"For who my dear?" he asked again

"A. A, my boy-friend! He's got a gun!" I lied backing further into the wall which I lay huddled by.

"Stand my dear! Show me your pretty figure"

"no" I stuttered pulling away from his outstretched hand. But his hand gripped my arm and yanked me to my feet.

"When I tell you to stand- you stand!" he hissed

"Who do you think you are?" I screamed yanking away from him, but he held me tightly.

"You're worst night-mare my dear" he grinned and two sharp teeth glinted from his jaw.

"You're a. a " I gulped but he pushed my hair aside and sunk his teeth into my neck before I could finish. I tried to fight him, punching him but the more blood he drained from me the weaker I became. I became too weak to fight and my legs crumpled beneath me and I fell to the ground, too weak to move. Something had distracted him, because he hissed into the bright light of a torch stroking my face before he went

"I'll kill you" he whispered disappearing into the fleeting darkness.

I lay slumped against the wall, my eyes only half open.

"Ellie ! Ellie! You alright? What the hell was that creep doing to you?" I heard Lucy's voice and her hands grip my shoulders. "Ellie? Ellie?" she yelled shaking me hard but I remained dazed, unable to talk to her. "Ell? You hear me?" she asked again and slowly I managed a groan. "Oh! God! Ell! What happened?" she asked. I struggled to remain conscious and talked to her softly.


"Yea, it's me girl! What happened?" she asked "We gotta get out of here" she whispered. Fortunately she hadn't noticed that I had changed in many ways.

"Lucy.get Lisa" I said again but the world was spinning before my eyes.

"Hang on girl" she muttered as I drifted away from everything I had loved or cared for.

The world slowly came back to me, and I awoke in a small dark place. I was suffocating! I couldn't breathe. Slowly as my vision adjusted and I felt the soft cushioning beneath my body, I felt the hard wooden panels around me and suddenly my eyes opened wide. I realized where I was. I gulped in fear but I held back the urge to scream. I was in a coffin.

I pounded on the panel, fighting the strongly locked bonds. Suddenly my hand crashed through the wood and I pried the rest of the broken timber away. I pulled myself from the wreckage and found myself in a room. The room before they where going to burry me. I sighed grimacing at the smell of death which lingered around the room.

"What are you doing in here? Closing hours are over!" a fat women yelled at me.

"I, I"

"I know just what you where doing! You where breaking in" A deep growling from my stomach made me flinch. I looked at this lady in a new perspective, and I lunged at her, another creature possessing my body. I tasted the sweet warm liquid in my mouth and I sighed in glory. The taste was strong and bitter, but soft and sweet. I drainer her body within two minutes, I opened my eyes and she was lying limply in my arms. I dropped her, my heart racing in fear. What was I going to do with her body? My eyes flew to 'my' coffin and I dragged her towards it, opening the clasps on the sides. I placed her inside, and flung a towel over the closed lid with the hole in it. Had I really just murdered someone?

I looked around hastily and my eyes caught the sight of a picture which said 'in loving memory to Ellie Rose Burton' in big letters. That was me wasn't it? I ran from the room, sprinting onto the streets. "I have to get to Lucy's" I whispered running down the side-walk. I was still in my red sequined dress, and it smelt strongly of blood. I had a red sequined head-band in my hair which I don't recall wearing.

I spotted a small 'casual' clothes shop and ran towards it, beating at the glass with my hands. The glass splintered into my palms, and I entered the shop in the dark. Roughly I pulled out a pair of second hand jeans off a shelf, and pulled them on, ripping off the sequined dress which I wore. Finding a shirt I pulled that on as well and ran quickly from the store.

Approaching the quite street again I walked quickly towards Lucy's house. She'll understand, I thought to myself.but I was wrong.

I knocked on her blue door loudly and she timidly opened it, her face stricken with tears.

"Lucy! It's me!" I whispered staring at her blankly.

"Who are you?" she growled

"It's me Ellie!" I said frustratedly.

"Oh you sick, sick person! How can you do this to me? My best friend has died and you decide to play a sick joke on me! Who the hell are you?" she screamed, the tears running from her blue eyes.

"Lucy" I said softly "It's me" but she still looked at me angrily, a look of burning hatred blazing in her eyes.

I shifted on my foot, a look of confusion running over my face. I didn't look that different, did i?

"Leave me alone" she spat and closed the door in my face. I closed my eyes, forcing back the tears which fell rapidly from my eyes.

I walked slowly back to the streets, and huddled up under a porch on a house, crying softly to myself.

I awoke to a blinding light and I felt like my skin was burning. It was only dawn and already the blaring sounds or traffic rose to my ears.

I walked to a newspaper stand and when no-one was looking I snatched it up, hiding it under my shirt. I walked away quickly to shade, because my now white skin was dark red, as if about to catch on fire. "Oh no! I'm not allowed in sunlight!" I said suddenly clutching my head. I ran to the shade of a tree, hiding in the depths of it's shadows. My skin seemed to cool, and I pulled out the newspaper. On the front cover a recognised a picture of myself, and a loud headline that read: 19 YEAR OLD MURDERED.

Hastily I read it and gasped as I read the last paragraph.

'Lucy Hepburn clutched her dying friend in her arm, saying that she seemed to not recognise her. Just as Lucy was about to call for help, Ellie Rose Burton died in her arms. By the time police came to the scene, Ellie Rose Burton was dead, and although paramedics tried to revive her, she did not respond. Lucy claims that a strange man was holding her, and when she came closer Ellie had dropped to the ground, and the dark men had disappeared. Her funeral will be Saturday the 11th 9.00am-10.00am.'

I gasped, I was dead, and they thought I had been murdered. I must get to the funeral, but I couldn't let sunlight touch my body. My stomach rumbled pitifully, and I felt the strong lust for blood again. It drove me beyond my senses, and I had to hold back the urge to kill. "no" I muttered "no! wait". I ran from the shade, darting into a dark alley. Hiding behind a large trash can I sank my teeth into my wrist, drinking some of my own sweet blood.

I broke into a sweat, and falling into a deep slumber I slept in the shade of the can till the night had settled over.