We walked away from the tunnel, brushing our clothes laughing. It was like the old days, back in year eight. Talking was both easy but uncomfortable, I felt I had known him my whole life, but he was different, we where different- we where both half-dead.

"Dan." I began but he interrupted me

"Never trust a vampire Rose" he said. I was startled

"Dan, we're vampires.are you saying we shouldn't trust each other?"

"No" he said looking away "never mind". What had suddenly brought this mysterious side on? Had I said something?

"Dan, what's wrong?" I asked pushing my hair behind my ears

"Nothing damn it! Nothing's wrong" between fifteen minutes he had suddenly changed, like looking in a mirror one day, then the next day finding you look like something completely different. His eyes grew dark, like they where hiding something. "Why do you call yourself Rose?" he asked.

I creased my forehead in confusion "Dan, my name is Rose, remember?"

"Yes, sorry of course" he said shifting uncomfortably. Abruptly behind us, there was an explosion, and bits of glass and metal where thrown towards us. Daniel dived to the floor, grabbing my waist as he did so. Throwing his hand off my waist, I turned running into the smoke and glass, looking for the suspect, the suspect who I thought was Raven. My eyes saw through the smoke seeing everything like an x-ray. I saw a skeleton slinking past a rubbish bin, and ran towards it, my eyes flashing angrily, with an internal fire burning in them.

Smashing the person to the floor, I was surprised to find Hazel.

"What the hell?!?" she yelled clutching her head giddily "I thought I told you to stay put!"

"You're not my mother so don't try to be" I snapped, my heart racing.

"Well sorry for trying to protect you, to save the rest of your puny life, well so be it, if you die." she trailed off, knowing that I was listening to her. I again shook her hard so she was jolted.

"My life, my decisions" I said and stood triumphantly lifting her into the air. For a minute or two I had found this profound strength, enough to lift a much bigger person than myself.

"Ok! Ok I'll leave you be!" Hazel cried, clutching at her throat, dangling from the clutch of my hand. Lowering her I placed her on her feet. My eyes felt like they where blazing, and it ached. I wanted to snap out of this uncontrollable state- who was doing this?

"That's it my dear, now strangle her" a voice muttered somewhere deeper into the alley. I heard it, and as if I was a puppet my hands flew to her throat, and I stood their choking her.

"Please! Please no" she cried as tears ran down her face

"I can't let go!" I cried panicking, fighting my tightly clenched hands. The more I pulled the stronger they seemed, and the weaker Hazel grew, the air draining from her lungs.

"Yea right!" she cried in her last effort to breath before dying in my grip.

"Good girl, now the fire- you have to kill her properly" the voice said again

"No! I don't want to! No!" I cried, fighting my hands which where bending down and picking up a matchbox which had fallen out of the rubbish bin. I had no control over my hands and they where striking the match. In my eyes I saw the small flame flicker at the end of the match and crying, I tried to stop myself, but I threw the match into her hair. In front of my eyes I saw her body burst into flames, and through my tear filled eyes, I saw the outline of a hunched over figure, creeping along the wall.

"Stop!" I yelled loudly, but still I couldn't move

"Stop what?" the voice said, the figure standing in front of me "Oh, you want me to stop" it was a lady, and her white hair hung in front of her eyes, and a black cloak and hood draped over her body and head..

"Yes, stop it! I'll kill you if you don't"

"Correction dear, I'll kill you" she laughed, and I saw her empty black eyes

"You can't kill the dead" I said speaking up

"You finally figured it out, give yourself a pat on the back" I instantly felt my left arm crossing behind my back and patting me.

"Quit it!" I snarled, spitting into her face. She laughed croakily then looked back at me

"You are under my power- You will do powerful things, all with my help"

"But I don't want." I began again trying to thrust my hands free.

"You don't want what? To be the most powerful vampress in the world? This whole planet could revolve around you- no more being told what to do, you could tell them what to do" I was silent, listening quietly.

"No" I said slowly "Leave me alone!"

"Fool! I'll be back, and I'll make the last bit of your life a living hell" she disappeared in front of my eyes, and I felt the feeling in my arms. Testing them, I moved them in a clockwise direction, and walked from the alley dazed.

I felt an arm on my shoulder and I span around angrily. "It's just me" Dan cooed. Again he had changed, I looked at him strangely but he smiled hugging me lightly. He lead me from the alley, walking into the moon-light, he lead me to the park, twirling me in the moon-lights glow.

"My you look beautiful" however kind he was being, I had a deep suspicion about him, but I played along with him, thanking him for his kindness and allowing him to have a dance with me.

"Now, Rose- oh I have some good plans for you" the lady sneered again, watching from behind the bushes "You won't help me, I'll help you" she laughed, chuckling "now the fun begins".

Spinning in the light, I noticed Dan wasn't watching me, but his eyes where focusing on a bush. He narrowed his eyes staring at it hard.

"Dan, what is it?" I asked again, but he silenced me

"Keep dancing"

"What? No! Tell me!" I yelled, but my arms flew to his throat. "No! Leave me alone"

"I thought so" Dan said, although my grip was growing stronger, and my pleading for it to stop grew longer, he stood perfectly still, staring straight into my eyes. Suddenly, he grabbed both of my arms, twisting them backwards. Closing my eyes I fought the pain, but I heard a loud scream from behind the bush. Releasing my arms, Dan ran quickly to the bush, dropping me to the ground, I instantly started messaging my arms, breaking the bond once again.

From a distance I watched as Dan disappeared behind the bush, then came out holding the same old lady tightly. She was holding a ring in her palm, which she was rubbing vigorously chanting

"power-like-puppet, power-like-doll, power-for-me, power-will-grow" all the while her eyes remained on the swirling colours of the ring, as she dangled in the grasp of Dan. Instantly running towards him I looked at the old lady. She smiled an evil smirk, then disappeared in a ball of smoke before me cackling "You're mine Rose, you'll see"