By:Andrew Troy Keller

My name is Chuck Baxter and what I had experienced was something that was truly beyond belief.

It had began on Friday,November 14th,after I was finally able to finish my work for the Marvel Comics company and join my friends for a weekend of camping out in the woods.

At first,we've had a very good time just sitting around the campfire and singing songs like there wasn't a care in the world.

But that was before we all had gone to sleep in our tents and the real weirdness had finally started.

I was suddenly woken up by some sort of strange noise--and when I had opened my eyes,I've noticed an eerie blue light coming from somewhere outside my tent.

But I wasn't able to get up and investigate,because some strange force has just placed me in a trance-like state and I was unable to move my own body.

Then suddenly,something had caused my tent to open by itself and allowed a strange gray skinned being with large eyes to step inside.

It had reached its hand out to me and asked to follow it deep into the woods.

And not only had I followed those alien beings into the woods,but my friends as well.

We had walked away from our camp and deep into the lush forrest,where a glowing spaceship was waiting for us with its door opened.

After we had stepped aboard the ship,a few more of the grey beings had stepped out of the shadows and started to remove all of our clothes.

Then,after they had placed us inside another room,the greys had paired each of us with one of another group of naked humans for only one reason--to mate with each other.

Then suddenly,halfway through our little sexual intercourse,we were shocked to discover that the second group of humans were actually a group of greys in disguise.

And yet,since we were still in our trance states,we had no choice,but to continue to mate with them.

After we had mated,the greys had sprayed some sort of mist on us to make us forget about what happened aboard their ship,before leading us back to our camp.

The next day,we all had woken up and thought of our experience as nothing more than just a bad dream.