Gold Teeth

No face -
what you saw was
and jaw,
and teeth.

Gold like that star.
In bank vaults, your harvest.
Rings, chains, jewellery
and gold teeth
- the last flash
of who we were.
Jaws parted, no smiles; we died gasping.

You'll know me by my teeth.
And now the world speaks.
And my marks, bitter in the land,
My jaw
buried in your soil
and your history.

Explanation: In 2002, I watched a movie about the trials of important Nazis after the end of World War Two; something like that. One detail appalled me: that from the corpses of the Jews, the people in charge had collected the victims' jewellery, money... and gold teeth. They were stored like any other valuables in bank vaults. I felt SICK. The other 'interesting thing' is the stigma that still hangs over Germany for being the source and centre of the Holocaust.