TITLE: Start the Commotion!
DISTRIBUTION: HD and Gorilla-Dust
DISCLAIMER: This is fake. It never happened, not true. It never will happen either. This is only for entertainment.
SUMMARY: What if the Red Wings were all ten years old and playing street hockey? What if the rival neighborhood street hockey team consisted of ten year old Avs?
NOTES: Got this idea picturing Dominik Hasek as a ten year old, and it snowballed.
MORE NOTES: Severely truncated lyrics to 'Start the Commotion' follow.


If you're curious, and you got the notion
Let's do it, just start the commotion
Get up, get up, put your body in motion
Let's do it, just start the commotion
Get up, get up
Fire it up baby

- Wise Guys, "Start the Commotion"


"Hey, Dom, wanna play street hockey? Me an' Bren are makin' up teams." Little Stevie Yzerman called out to the ten-year-old boy hanging upside down from his monkey bars.

"Do I hafta be the goalie?" Dom asked, petulantly. "I'm ALWAYS the goalie. Why don'cha make Curtis be the goalie this time?"

"Sorry, Curtis sprained his ankle fallin' off his swingset again." Brendan, Stevie's best friend and confidante, appeared at Stevie's side, holding sticks and equipment. "So, you gonna play or what, Hasek?"

Dom sighed, maneuvering his way down the monkey bars. "I guess," he sighed unhappily, accepting the goalie pads and helmet from Brendan. "Who else is playin'?"

"Nicky Lidström, that weird foreign kid that lives down the street, said he'd play this time... And the big kid with the unibrow, Derian, he's playin' too." Stevie led Brendan and Dom to his driveway, where a couple of his brother's old soccer nets would serve as Dominik's goal nets. "And I think we got Manny from the next block to be the other goalie."

Dom lunged out of the goal net and twisted his body into an uncomfortable looking position. "Don't see why I always hafta be the goalie."

"You're the best outta you, Manny and Curtis," Brendan said, squinting into the distance. "Hey, I see Nicky Lidström, Derian and Manny... And I think they brought some other kids along."

"Hey, guys. This is Jiri." Nicky, a tall blond kid, pointed to another tall boy with a head of brown curls. "He's an exchange student from the Czech Republic. He's livin' with us for the summer, and he's really good at hockey, too."

"Hey, I'm Stevie." Stevie held out his hand to Jiri, and the shy Czech accepted it.

"Thank you for letting me play," he said, quietly, his bright blue eyes darting to his feet.

"No prob. Heard you were good," Stevie said. "So, I'm captain, so I'll pick first." His eyes fell immediately on his best friend, Brendan. "Brendan."

Nicky only scoffed and rolled his eyes. "You always pick Brendan."

"That's 'cause he likes me best," Brendan said, haughtily, hands on his hips.

Just as Brendan was about to pick his player, Manny Legace, the backup goalie for Dominik and Curtis, ran up, his clothing torn and his knees scraped and bloodied.

"Sorry I'm late," Manny squeaked, "so sorry! B-but I ran into the-the AVALANCHE!"

All the players stopped what they were doing to stare at young Manny in abject terror.

"The AVALANCHE? And you're still alive?" Derian asked, his jaw dropping. "What happened?"

"I was werarin' my Wings jersey and walkin' down the street mindin' my own business, and then that creepy red-headed kid, Patrick What'shisname, whistled at me to come on over," Manny began, breathless. "So I went over and asked him what he wanted. He challenged us to a neighborhood street hockey playoff! Between us Red Wings and their Avalanche!"

"This calls for war!" Stevie cried, pointing in the air.