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~ Repsychus ~


~ ~ ~


~ Repsychus ~

~ ~ ~

Walking still underneath a canopy

Of stars that say a single name I can no longer

Remember when the tide of time abated for just a moment to

Bring back the smile that I lost when your eyes held me with

Such love I am sad to say is not within my arms this

Day be long and hateful still, a spite that brings both anger and

Sorrow is not one thing more, but my best friend now in times of

Passing tears that drown me so carefully in the embrace of their

Arms that once held me are now gone, made distant by the cloud of

Death that took you from me, how cruel it is that I am still left here to

Gaze upon your face so lovely, it is how I always will remember it in my

Dreams are lost and never return, your laughter left me long ago in

The olden days when I was young, I could think of nothing more than

You who have waited for me for so long, I come now on the wings of

Angels that we were so long ago, lift me up to see my

Love and I walking under a canopy of stars.

~ ~ ~

(Akuma's POV)

~ ~ ~

Mother f-in' BASTARDS! Just because somebody blew up the better part of this damn city, is no reason for them to pen me in like an animal! ! ! Then again, how could I blame them? They were scared. . . Frightened as we pathetic Humans tend to be amid all this chaos. I have a little chaos of my own, yep, I sure do! I mean, what with the visitors here - uninvited, mind you - that have been making the last few days a pain in my ASS! Well. . .more of a pain in the ass, anyway. After all, it's been hurting my tush enough with the absence of Anthony and the sheer terror that now is running through the city, I'm not really looking to add some more to it. Add to that the fact that no one is allowed to go in or out and no one is allowed to walk the streets after dark - it's absolutely INSANITY! The police, naturally, are just being pricks and don't know the first thing about how to treat the public. People are continually repeating words like "bomb" or "Armageddon." Honestly, I don't give a damn.

I just want my Anthony. . .My sweet, sweet Anthony.

With him, everything can be alright again, I'm sure of it. So long as I have him beside me, like when we were younger, then I won't have a thing to worry about. Sure, it's somewhat frightening in the way that he's become. . . different with that bastard Izuru around, but I'm hoping I can fix that. I mean, I HAVE to! I'm not willing to give up on Anthony without a fight, I'm not willing (I think) for some black-skinned, green-eyed god from my dream to get in the way of that either! ! ! And, by the way, that dream was creepy. . . MUCHO creepy. It's been stuck in my head for the last few days as I ponder over who "Inoki" could be. I called his name in the middle of my (wet) dream, didn't I? Surely, I've had to have met him somewhere. . . Yeah, sure, I went through all those old year books from high school and I checked the roster on my computer for those college classes I teach (thankfully, my computer was working, so I didn't have an issue. . .I mean, what with all these power outages we've had lately, it's a surprise the old piece of crap even responded!) , but he wasn't in either. In all truth, I was beginning to think that my dream was just that, a dream. That is, until I heard of what the two "visitors" saw. . .

. . .And, by visitors, I mean none other than Saito, Satsuki (the bitch) and Anthony's cat. They suddenly appeared upon my doorstep only the DAY after that great disaster within the city. It was so crowded and there was so much panic, that I couldn't help but take them in. I mean. . .well. . .it's not like I GAVE a shit or anything, but they were rather dirty. They looked like they had gone through hell and a demon washing machine, their clothes all rumpled and covered in dirt and some blood. Saito was babbling something about giant monsters with amber eyes and black bodies made of dead flesh, and I don't even WANT to go into what Satsuki (the bitch) was shrieking about! She was HYSTERICAL, I tell ya! I couldn't even get Saito to calm her down, and usually he can calm down any of us. . .Oh, well, it's not like it's my issue. I mean, I let them in and that's ALL I'm going to do. The crazy ramblings I leave to the professionals, because, honestly, I need to see one myself.

Ugh, I seriously believe I'm losing it here! I've been stuck in a rut ever since I couldn't get to Anthony's apartment - I've been so worried about him that I haven't EATEN in DAYS! I can't remember the last time I had wholesome food. . . Though, there was that pizza, but I don't think ten-day leftovers count, right? I mean, it had mold on it and crap. But, well, I was hungry and I couldn't leave the house to get DECENT food (considering the fact all the super markets in town were nearly mobbed by people screaming for bottled water and canned goods and just about anything they can get to be ready for the apocalypse. Heh. . .Yeah, as though Wal-Mart is going to have the perfect protection against the anti-Christ.), so I just grabbed the first thing I saw in the fridge. It kind of tasted like sickeningly sweet cottage cheese. . .only green and stinky.

Anyways, enough with the nasty, aged food! I just wanted to say that I worried about Anthony. I missed him, his smile, his quaint and cute ways. . . I missed everything about him. Sure, his cat was some consolation, but when it started pissin' on my rug, that was about the point when I missed the real thing. After all, no fuzzy ball of fur can replace pale muscle, gentle features and that sexy, adorable blush that makes me just want to POUNCE him! ! ! Though. . . : : ahem : : that's not to say that I don't love him and respect his mind, body and heart. I mean, he's everything to me! He's my best friend, my co-worker, my beloved object of affections and, of course, my strength. He gives me not only the reason to keep getting up every day (if only to see his face), but a reason to keep going after that. . . And I will never, EVER relinquish that, my one and only reason for living, to anyone! ESPECIALLY SOME SNOTTY, ANNOYING BRAT WITH A HOT BODY AND A PISSY ATTITUDE! ! !

I mean, what IS IT with that kid anyway? He's too young! He's too ugly! He's NOTHING compared to me, right? . . .right? . . .Oh, who in the hell am I kidding. Anthony doesn't love me and he never will. I'm fated to be alone, to look at him and pine for him from afar, if only because he's too damn DENSE to see how much we're meant for each other! And no matter how hard I try, how much I attempt to get him jealous or interested or just to plainly LOOK at me, I get no where. . . I should just face the music. I should just give up.

Sighing heavily as I reach this resolution, I glance over at my clock. It's two AM and by now the sirens are gently winding down across the street. It seems someone's died of unexplained reasons again, and that these mysterious occurrences are continuing all over the city - people being mauled suddenly by dark figures, children disappearing into the night and that strange, eerie fear that seems to control the entire city. It's like a blanket that one can't fight off as it even fills my room, reaching through the window in the darkness of night. The air, itself, is cool and brisk with a hint of summer flare still left in its whispering flutter, the breeze coming in through the screen and wafting about the curtains as, distantly, I could hear Satsuki (the bitch) snoring beside Saito. . . Damn, that woman is loud.

I was alone, again, left to my own devices as I so often am. The bed that I sat upon was cold now from the open window, but I didn't give a damn. It would always be cold without someone in it with me. You see - and I know this is going to sound damn strange coming from someone as cool and sexy as me -, I'm afraid to sleep alone. I could remember when I was younger that I would often crawl into the bed of one of the other foster kids to keep warm, because I was scared that without someone beside me I'd freeze and die. Eventually, I got a little less scared of it. . .but I never could shake that feeling of frigid loneliness whenever there wasn't someone beside me. Hey, perhaps that's the reason why I have so many "fuck buddies." I mean, they keep the bed warm and chase away the pain, but. . .it's not quite the same either way, because, after all, they'll just leave me in the morning.

And, speaking of the morning, I could faintly see the horizon's glow in the distance. It now came up over half a barren wasteland, a confusing maze of twisted metal and smoking rubble. Funny, you would think that after a week (as it had been one AGONIZING week since the disaster) or so they would have cleared up all that crap. Sure, it was just a mile all the way around, but you can bulldoze at least enough to make a dent in it, right? Well, the rubble was still there, the workers too distressed to do anything to touch it, and the City Council quickly writing up their resignation papers. After all, what clean-up crew - or some dirty politician - would like to come across some mangled body while they worked? It was bad enough that the strange occurrences had become a matter of national inquiry, but the fact that everyone was too spooked to do anything but gawk and cry was what made it worse. It left the people within the city - all of which unable to leave, as I've said, on order from the f-in' government - with little understanding of what is going on and further more the pain of knowing the bodies of their family and friends are now steaming and rotting each day that they lay untouched.

And now the sun was rising on another day, for those carcasses to still rot amid a massive ruin that had been caused by strange means. The tint of pale gray at the edge of the horizon signaled it and began to glint softly off the metal that stretched far against what was once a beautiful skyline, coaxing the daylight out of its hideaway in the mountains to come soaring over us in the beginnings of early morning. I sighed at this, unwilling really to go through another day of unproductive fear, with Saito glued to the T.V. in order to see if any changes had occurred (Damn those 24 hour news channels) or if we were to be allowed outside the city yet. Satsuki would often be found in his arms, scared like the little bitch she is. . .Course, she could always be horny and just want Saito to grope her and shit, but I didn't really care. I, on the other hand, would begin my day by trying to find food, then calling Anthony's apartment for a straight hour, and, when that didn't work - and is always didn't -, I could be found moping right in my very room. It was a vicious cycle, I tell you, one filled with heartache and an empty stomach.

And, speaking of empty stomachs, mine suddenly began to growl. I looked down at it crossly, wondering when the hell I would be able to go out to the store without being trampled by some old lady. I mean, DAMN! It was like Christmas time without the usual holiday cheer - which usually consisted of less flipping people off and actually waiting your turn in the line at Wendy's. Thus, I simply sat there, moping and watching as the sun came up over the horizon to spray the city in a glimmer of golden incandescence. For a moment, it felt almost warming to see the sun come up and a new day begin, as though my world truly hadn't ended and things were, for once, right in the world. However, it didn't last long.As soon as I looked back at my empty bed, I was once more at a loss. The feelings of depression and loneliness were back again, giving me no choice but to stand and throw on my shirt with a reluctant sigh. I didn't want to, but what could I have done? No Anthony, no work (not that I was missing that at all), no food and no solace even from Saito. Damn it, my life sucks. . .

"I wonder if I can go to the store today. . ." I mused outwardly as I buttoned up the black silk shirt I had worn two days before. I mean, hey! It's still clean. . .sort of. Yet, just as I was finishing the last button, I heard the familiar sound of padding paws against my rug - that kitty purr unmistakable as big, yellow-green eyes looked up at me so innocently. "Hey there, Josafer. . ." I said a little gruffly. After all, this WAS the cat that regularly peed on my rug. "What are you doing here? You hungry too?" Shit, I forgot the cat food! Moving to walk out of the room, the kitten in tow, I made my way towards the kitchen, taking extra care not to wake the snoring abomination on the couch. Damn it, I hated those two! They looked absolutely adorable together, aside from the fact that Saito was WA A A AY too old for Satsuki. I mean, she was 26 and he was like 40! What kind of odd couple is that?

Yet, still, they looked positively in love as they cuddled on the couch. Saito's arms were around her as she lay against his chest, thinking absolutely nothing of it whilst snoring away in dreamland. They were happy, at least, with each other in this time of great crisis. And what did I have to show for myself? I had a cat. . .Sighing at this, nearly growling at the thought, I simply stepped over the tile of my small kitchen, my fingers searching the labels in the cabinets to find that damn cat food. . .Canned asparagus (yuck) . . .Tomato soup. . .Beets. . .Ah! Friskies cat food! Pulling it off the shelf, I searched for a fork to pry it open, the suction of the airtight seal breaking with a PFFT as I opened the can. By this time, Josafer - that adorable, yet annoying, kitty - was rubbing up against my leg almost insanely, wanting food quite badly, and, hell, how could I blame him?

"Jeeze, Cat! Stop nuzzling my leg. . .It's not like I don't ever feed you, you know," I grumbled in return for his insistent meowing. He was cute, true, but not like my Anthony. Thus, having slapped the nasty-looking cat food upon a small dish, I set it at my feet to end the crying and the nuzzling and that annoying film of hair he shed upon my pants. Immediately, the little creature jumped at his food and was eating away at it, seemingly like a starving man that hasn't seen anything but sand and tumbleweed for nearly ten days. "Damn, you can eat!" The cat merely replied with a signature purr and a contented swish of his tail. It wasn't much of an answer, but, then again, a cat is nothing compared to speaking with Human company - or, at least, that's what I believed. Oh, Anthony. . .Where are you? . . .Where are you?

I miss you, Anthony.

~ ~ ~

(Monokai's POV)

~ ~ ~

I sat in the depths of the Nakai Realm, watching as the darkness flitted by in shadows across the dankness of my room. Stone walls that I had never grown tired of - nor never really appreciated - were softly illuminated by fire. A flame that danced over the darkness of the satin sheets, black silk of the curtain that was heavy over the barred window, . . .and the chocolate body of the handsome creature beside me. Ah, my Inokazi. . .I never want to destroy that glorified purity in you. You're Human, yes, but even Humans have their own unique beauty that, once tamed, is a treasure to look upon. And, oh, how I shall look upon you - touch your lips with mine and your skin and your hair. My fingers then ran through the silvery locks that curled just slightly around them. It was soft and silken, smelling of flowers and the sweet oils I ordered put in it daily. Mmmm. . .such beauty. "Inokazi, look at me," was my order, his blank face turning to gaze at me with unseeing, green eyes. Such beautiful, green eyes. . .

"What is it, Master?" came the words that poured from those sultry, pillowy- soft lips. I wanted to caress them. Yet, with a smile and a gentle nip to his fingers, I restrained myself from simply raping his mouth with my tongue and my lips. It was tempting, despite the fact we had just spent nearly an hour doing just that, but I had control. . .Well, some of it, anyway.

"Do you love me, my Inokazi?" I cooed, kissing the joints of his fingers and his knuckles with due care. To be honest, I don't know why I continually ask him such a question. Love is a foolish and petty thing, a Human emotion that had taken long, agonizing years to get rid of. I had moved my way to the top by gradually getting rid of all aspects of that odd and useless emotion, yet now I was asking for it from a Human pet? It seemed strange, but I didn't care. . .I loved to hear the words on his lips, to look into his eyes and try and find it there - somewhere - amid the endless sea of nothingness. It's not to say that I LOVED the beauteous creature, but rather that his emotions, if any, interested me. The way he moved, the way he smiles, and the way he kissed or simply looked into my partially blind eyes. . . It all interested me, every aspect of him, bringing my blood to boil and my heart to race. How I wished I could simply know everything there was to know about him, yet, as always, just when I believed I had learned the extent of him, he surprised me with something new.

Last week it had been a tear, now it was the hesitance to kill, and a month before that it had been this strange look that he gave me. I couldn't quite place it, to be honest, but it felt sinister and almost dark - as though he wished me dead. Of course, I couldn't be honestly sure if he wished me dead or not, but the notion that his emotions could be so strong as to break through the barrier that I placed around his mind. . .well, that was all to itself interesting. Thus, now, I wanted to test more the boundless limits of his psyche, to watch and learn from him as though he were some curious doll dropped so neatly upon my lap. . . Of course, I could not restrain myself from taking him perhaps once a night, but the pleasure of his body and the pleasure of his mind were two different things. Either way, I cherished both.

"Of course I love you, Master. . .There is no one else I love."

His words, as always, were bland in his mouth, yet, somewhere deep within his green gaze, I saw a spark of something. Could it be my imagination? Could it be real? I had little care to find out as the mere thought of there being truth behind his words gave me a funny feeling deep within. It was hotter than the fires of lust and more pure than the flame of rage. It had the quality of an inferno, yet sent a shiver of icy cold up my spine. Of course, with those words, I couldn't help but kiss him passionately as reward for the correct response. After all, you don't want your pet to go learning bad habits because you don't reward him enough, do you? It would simply be common sense to teach the densely gorgeous Human that what he said was good, so that, with his primitive thinking, he would learn to do it more often - much to your enjoyment.

Thus, I gave him his "reward." I gave it to him for a full hour! Kissing and caressing his body until he was nearly as hard as I was, wanting and panting with pleasure. . . Ah, how sweet he looked, his creamy brown skin dusted with a blush from my harsh kissing, glistened with sweat from the way I pushed deeply inside him and then pulled out - it was mesmerizing. I licked at his chocolate flesh, tasted his lips and essence until I was drunk with it, with the scent of him and the taste of him and the touch of him. I felt the need to push harder into his body, to bring blood slick between our union as he howled in pain and pleasure. . .I wanted, absently, to give him the same harsh treatment that I gave all my other "pets," but, for some strange reason, I simply couldn't. When looking at him, his face contorted in pleasure and his body stretched before me, I couldn't dream of harming him. . . He was so precious.

So very precious. . .

"I-Inokazi. . ." I panted between long, arduous moans from being inside that silken heat. He was intoxicating, alluring, simply MESMERIZING as I began thrusting into his body in long, languid strokes. In turn, he mewled out his response, his green eyes glazed over still and cold, but they glimmered softly with. . .tears? This confused me and I nearly faltered in my hard, driving pace, unsure of what to do or if I should even continue with the weeping beauty under me. . .

"Y-yes. . .M-Master?!"

His gasp was sweet to my ears, filled with the same lust I felt when I took him, that same, pounding force of animalistic need that brought to me so much pleasure it was hard to not simply give in. Yet he was crying. . .he was CRYING! I had heard, once, that puppets tend to weaken over a long while, sometimes breaking and returning to their former personality after a barrier is destroyed, but could it be? Could Inokazi's deep sorrow of being my lover break the power of the puppetry I had over him? The very thought brought a level of sorrow into my own heart, my brow furrowing as I gazed over him with my blind eye - the eye that told the truth of emotion behind the mask of a stern face - , but. . .there was nothing. I could sense nothing different, nothing wrong. . .so why? Surely, I had taken his body so many times that it no longer hurt. I had stretched him to fit me, to encompass my length as it drove into the softness of his entrance, so why?

It confused and frightened me, saddened and angered me. . .So much so that I could hardly hold back the growl of fury or the harshness of my fingers as they gripping his wrists, digging into his flesh until it bled. He whimpered. It was a response I was not quite used to, for I had never heard him cry out in such a way before. . .It. . .it hurt. Deep within my heart, it struck a chord and brought to me a great pain, my hand loosening on his flesh and my lips becoming a tender salve to kiss away the wound - all the while gently, GENTLY, pushing in and out of him to make his member twitch in my grasp. . .

"My sweet. . . Inokazi, why do you cry. . .?" I whispered, panting softly into his ear and the crook of his neck, licking it as though to apologize for the sudden anger he had been dealt. I didn't mean to bring him pain, never to my Inokazi. My sweet, sweet Inokazi. . .Though, as usual, his reply was as bland as his voice - dead and alien as though it were no longer that sharp, rich tone it had been so many years ago. I can remember it, even now, within my dreams as that lovely creature looked up at me, freshly freed from the bounds of the dead, now mine - my reward - for destroying Inoki's life. I brought him back along with my Master Malakai in order to use him against his brother, a brother who was now the most feared Nakai in the Nakai Realm, but ended up finding him too beauteous to taint. . .Thus, turning him into my pet with the help of the Puppet Master, a creature without a heart who controlled the minds of others. I can remember, just before I had him put to the Puppet Master's skills, he glared and me and hissed out hateful words - cursing me as a "devil" and a "demon." His voice, even in anger, made my body burn, and now, even with its emotionlessness, it continued to do so after so many years.

"I do. . . not know, M-Master. . .uhhnnn! I. . .I c-can't not. . .c-control it. . ."

I chuckled at this, a rich sound bubbling up from within me as our pace became sweeter, longer and lasting. I could feel his body arching just so to mine, his thighs spread wide from the grip of my hands as I forced myself again and again into his tightness. He moaned for me, as I had ordered him to, cried out my name as I liked and even panting in a way that brought sheer delight to my heart (or that black, withered thing in my chest. . .whichever you like to call it.). I liked the way he was open before me and the way that he pushed just subtly against my hips to create such a delicious friction. . .He was so sweet, so wondrous, so precious. . .

"Then don't. . .c-control it. . .I. . .I want you out of control. . .I want you to s-sing for me. . .sing for me, my Beautiful. . ." was my panted answer in turn, thrusting harder and quicker into him as my fingers wrapped around the engorged flesh before me. It twitched and tensed from the caress of my fingertips, causing its master to writhe so wonderfully in my grasp. In turn, I kissed his lips and took his mouth to force my tongue between that pillowy softness, running it over his gums in a fit of passion as we came closer and closer to the end of our strength. The tightness within me was staggering as I could no longer breathe from it, such heat that I felt bringing a cold numbness to my body. . .Flustered as we were, heartfeltly moaning one another's names, I could barely hold on as a hand joined mine in the stroking of a hard, weeping member - looking down to find dark fingers entwined with my own to bring a smile to my face.

Oh, how he must love me. . .He must. I know it.

Yet I was blind to see the way the tears continued to ebb from his eyes, or the blankness of his features as he was penetrated until breathless. I couldn't see the way the hurt and sorrow burned deeper than his indifferent gaze, how deep inside the REAL Inokazi wished me pain and death. . .wished to see me burn for what I had done. And so, with this blindness, did I not note the way he bit his lip to keep from saying my name again - as though it were poison upon his lips to keep up that delightful mantra I so adored - as he came into our entwined hands and I released into his body. His name was on my lips as we collapsed together against the sheets, spent for the second time that night. . .but I was the only one that felt that tingle of enjoyment from such an encounter, the only one that felt the urge to do so again. I was blind, in more ways than one, as I could not see it. . .I could not see. . .

I was so blinded with love.

~ ~ ~

(Inokazi's POV)

~ ~ ~

It was still lonely and I was still alone, watching as the stars danced by me in my own plot in space. All over my body, I could feel the sickening hands running through me, touching places that even I had not dared touch in so many years. It was. . .sickening. Yet I was used to such a strange feeling all too often, for it came to me every night (though I could hardly assume it was night, what with everything around me being a dark abyss of loneliness) and sometimes in the day, running over me like a wash of disgust until I could no longer stand it. I cried because of it, that being perhaps the only Human emotion I had not yet given up in the place of my insanity. The tears were now hot against my cheeks, salty with a burn almost as deep as the ache of anger in my heart.

What it was from, I could not honestly say, as I couldn't tell what happened beyond the walls of my universe - my only world. I floated in space in a ball, curled into myself like some child in the midst of a nightmare, calling out to his mother and father for comfort. . .but nothing answered. No longer did that annoying woman come back to speak with me, her spirit lost in my space since I pushed her away, and, somehow, I missed the way she used to ramble about nothing. I missed the way she would sometimes hold me when I was in the midst of a fright, or trying to control my own raging heart. I missed this and her voice. . .but I had pushed her away. I doubted the fact that she would ever come back and, absently, I didn't really care if she did. I mean, I may have missed her presence if only to stave off the corruption of my sanity through abject loneliness, but I didn't want to keep acting for her.

Acting normal. . .there was no longer a purpose.

I had spent many a year attempting to act normal, attempting to be as I once was. That visage and empty smile, that tone of voice that betrayed only an emotionless demeanor, they had no purpose to me any longer. I had snapped, given into my own anger and simply refused to return to the way I was - placidly accepting my guilt as though it was normal. It WASN'T. Clearly, every man has his own breaking point, and, clearly, I had reached mine. I didn't want to continue hiding from the truth - I wanted to KNOW it. And so, without much other care than that, I spent day after day focusing my thoughts on freeing my body from this strange place that seemed within me, or, at least, that is what I assumed. Yet when the shivers returned twice this night, I was having trouble doing just that. . .The feeling of a wet tongue treading over my back was akin to such a sensation, like a wet appendage was licking at my neck and my lips - I wanted to lurch forward and wretch into space, but, for fear that the contents of my gullet may simply turn back on me, I forced it down and tried to think of something else.

I wanted to think of my family, of my home, the places that I had seen growing up and my beloved father who had raised me with the right intentions. I thought of the way it was before my death, of the happiness and the love that used to filter through our old home. Easily remember the weathered floorboards of that old house, stamped upon many a time by little feet. . .By Inoki and Inobeki. . .I could almost picture us as it had been, even before Mother died, when we would play in the garden under the oak trees, and then come home to eat diner as the sun set over that patch of beach where Inoki and I often combed. Inobeki was a baby, unable to walk, so she sat in Mother's arms and giggled when fireflies began to show themselves to the cold, coastal night. Father was there as well and he was smiling, happy with our mother beside him. . .

These memories brought to me great joy, the ability to forget my pain and that sickening sensation for just a moment. I could taste the apple tarts that my mother passed to me and Inoki, could touch the soft sand as it cradled me in the dark. . . .The smell of the ocean air, the taste of night on my lips and the breeze that gently ruffled my hair as it flew over the crashing waves. It was with these images that I was able to withstand my own body's tingling long enough for it to subside, leaving me breathless in the dark as I fought myself to stay calm. My breath was heavy in my chest, bringing me down towards the depths of my universe, the stars here sparse and dim. I could see below it that there as complete darkness, wondering absently if that was my fate. . .

After all, one can never be sure what they will find in the dark.

'Is anyone there?' I called out in my mind, but was answered with the echo of my thoughts against. . .walls? It felt strange to even mention such a structure, what with the vastness of the space I was in. And yet. . .Distantly, I could see the bottom of my endless sea - I having fallen through the waves and into a land of stars. Yet, now, with the stars gone from my darkness, my cold ocean of black, I was staring at the bottom of the waters within my heart - the complete darkness that overshadowed everything. Bubbles came up from the bottom and floated passed me, heading towards the surface that seemed years upwards towards the light. . .Light. I had forgotten it.

It was then that I let everything lift from my shoulders, the cares that I had had and the fears that had kept me afloat now disappearing into the immense blackness. Its ebony streaks covering me in a bliss that I could gain only from the dark. . .the dark. I had not yet forgotten the dark. It was everywhere around me, cradling me in its arms with a lover's touch - kissing my skin and blessing my body with its bath of blackness. I didn't fear it any longer and couldn't judge it as it was, in essence, a part of me as well. And so, I fell. I fell and refused to get back up. The bottom felt like a cushion of sheets under my body, like satin against my naked skin, and as I dreamed away within this pit of black, I felt at ease.

I could go no further.

I could fall no deeper.

It was the end. . .

. . .my freedom.

~ ~ ~

Standing on the edge of the blade

The sun glares at me in anger

I hide from it within the Shade

Her darkness does not taint me

She is beautiful in her dark cloak

Her dress is long and lovely black

Her beauteous hair like ebony smoke

Her skin is made of burned coal

And her eyes are darkened steel

Her arms made long to hold me close

To protect me and to feel

Her heart courageous in its passion

Her smile like a wash of chill

And though no one but her children love her

I promised that I will.

~ ~ ~


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