Devils Pawn
By James L Lagoski
Welcome to this place where the lost souls burn
Let me introduce you to the point of no return
I hear you laugh now but you may not find it funny
It's 2000 degrees today and it is not even sunny
You ended up here for all your pages of hate
And you didn't earn a key to pass the pearly gates
So you may as well sit down, you'll be here for awhile
Lets take a look and see , what's written in your file
Starting at the age of 10 you were mean to the cat
When you were 11 you hit the dog with a bat
At the age of 12 you stabbed a kid with a pen
Your file is so fat I don't know where to begin
Lets jump ahead to 20 for the worst you have done
At 21 you always left your house with a gun
Then at 22 it says you stole anothers life
A man who had two children and a caring loving wife
You became an actor and the courtroom was your stage
So no one could see all of the colors of your rage
Forged your mask so well that you simply walked away
Silently you laughed because you thought you didn't pay
Your file just gets worse so there's no reason to go on
In the game of life you became the devils pawn
So now the story's told and you were the only writer
You didn't feel the noose, as it kept on growing tighter
You threw away your life and put your soul up for sell
So let me be the first one, to welcome you to hell