The Chamber Of Diabolique

By:Andrew Troy KeIler

As far back as anyone who lives and works in the city of Las Vegas,Nevada could remember,Jack Blackstone was one of the greatest stage magicians in the city's history.

As a matter of fact,everyone--including his beloved wife,Victoria Blackstone--had thought of him as the greatest illusionist since the team of Sigfreid and Roy.

But that was before a young David Copperfield wannabe named Jim Ritter had arrived at the Desert Oaisis hotel and casino,where Jack was performing at and told him that he wished to study under Jack's expert tutorish.

Of course,Jack had agreed to teach Jim about everything he knows about the finer points of the art known as stage magic.

And so far,the relationship between Jack and his newfound pupil had gone off without so much as a single hinch.

But little had Jack known that while he was teaching Jim everything he knows about stage magic,his pupil had one look at his mentor's wife,Victoria and fallen in love with her extraordinary beauty.

And then,after Jack had gone to the hotel stage theater to perform the evening show,Jim had walked over to his newfound beloved,wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her ever so passionately on the lips.

After the kiss,Victoria had looked at Jim and asked him would he mind if she were to invite him to go with her to a speical place that she had recently discovered.

And after he had agreed to do so,Victoria had took Jim by the hand and led him out of the room and towards one of the elevators.

Then,after they had rode the elevator down to the first floor,Victoria had led Jim to the backstage area,for she had told him about the one spot in that area where one would be able to see the full moon by way of the skylight.

As soon as they had arrived at that certain spot and looked up at the skylight,they both had noticed that the moon was as beautiful as Victoria had described it to be.

And while she was still looking at the full moon,Jim had started kissing Victoria on the back of her neck and was about to place his hand inside her pants.

But before that was about to happen,a dark garbbed stranger had grabbed Jim by the arms and dragged him into the front stage area,where he had been shoved into some sort of glass chamber.

And then,after the stranger had walked over to a metamorphosis box,Jim was shocked to see a smiling Victoria walking into the front stage area,giving an imprisoned Jim a hand blown kiss and stepping into the metamorphosis box.

A puff of smoke later,the stranger had opened the box and helped Victoria--who was now wearing a sparkling gold and silver outfit--step out of the box.

And after she had walked over to the stranger and wrapped her arms around him,he had pulled off his mask to reveal to a still shocked Jim that he really was Jack Blackstone in disguise.

The reason for such a deception was that for countless generations,the Blackstone family has had ways of handling such double crossing menaces.

Which was unfortunte for Jim,for he was going all lovey dovey with his wife behind Jack's back.

And after Jim had started pleading Victoria to let out before its too late,all she had done instead was blow him another kiss and say,"Goodbye,Jim.It was wonderful being with you."

Then,after she had stepped behind the curtain and in front of the audiance,Jack had looked at Jim,let out a sinister smile and said,"Well,Jim.Now you're going to see that magic is exactly not all smoke and mirrors."

And then,after the curtain had opened and the audiance had gave both Jack and Victoria a big round of applause,Jack was explaining the trick that he was about to perform,while Jim was pounding on the glass case door and demanding to be released from his entrapment.

The only problem with that idea was that the audiance had only thought that it was nothing more than just part of the act.

And then,after he had placed a shiny red ruby on the top portion of the case and began waving his magic wand,while saying some ancient mystical words,causing the ruby to glow ever so brightly and the chamber to glow with the spark of live electricity.

Then,after the glow in the chamber had disappeared and the door had opened,a young female had staggered her way out of the case,placed her hand on her head and began to wonder what happened to her.

And then,after she had heard someone laughing behind her,the female stranger had turned around and saw that it was both Jack and Victoria Blackstone,who were doing the laughing.

"Well,Jim?",asked a devilish smiling Jack."What do you of the Chamber of Diabolique?Quite an amazing trick,isn't it?"

And then,after she had realized what had happened to her,a terrified Jim had covered her eyes,drop down to her knees and began crying her eyes out,while the audiance had continued applauding the two true masters of Las Vegas stage magic,Jack and Victoria Blackstone.