What is it about rain?

I cant quite put my finger on it.

Some people tell me rain is sad.

Others tell me it is nourishment for life.


I feel nothing.

To me rain is immortal.

It comes down.

It dries up.

Then it starts all over again and again.

I like rain.

It calms me down.

Sometimes I wonder why rain falls.

Is there something go on in the heavens, those vast plateau above us were
we might never reach?

Is it because Angels are crying?

Is that it?

Is the rain their tears?


Is the rain nothing but clear blood?

Are the Angels fighting?

I don't know the reason.

Sure I know what science says about it.


Is there another supernatural reason?

This I may never know.

By Darkmaster


Finished = 8:56 am (I don't know when I started)