Crimson Chronicles


"Halo! Halo, wake up!"

"Huh?" A young boy, about 11 years, sits up in his bed wondering why his parents would wake him up so early. He has almost white hair about shoulder length and bright blue eyes. He pulls himself out of his nice warm sheets and drags his feet over to the window. His mouth drops as he sees that it's still dark out and the moon is illuminating the beautiful night sky, covered in stars.

"MOM! It's still dark out! Why would did you wake m..." He spins around to see the face of a young girl staring right back at him.

"AGH!" He stumbles backwards and falls out his window. The girl rushes to the window and peers over the side to see if he is okay. She is no older than 8, with long brown hair pulled in a ponytail and big brown eyes, and can barely see over the wooden edge of the window.

"Zach! Are you okay? That was quite a fall!" she yells down the side of the two-story house to halo, who is still flat on his back.

"Yeah, Aly! I just fell two stories... but I'm just fine! "He yells sarcastically up to the girl as he starts to get to his feet. "And how many times do I have to tell you not to call me Zach? It's Halo!" When he finally scraps himself off the ground and brushes the dirt off his arms, legs and back, He glares up at the girl.

"What on earth are you doing in my room at..." he glances up at the moon, "TWO IN THE MORNING!? Are you insane?" He gives her another menacing glare as they both start to laugh. "Well, hang on, you can tell me when I get up there." He starts climbing the tree next to his house.

"Oooooo!" She gives an excited squeak, "What's this?"

"DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING 'TILL I GET UP THERE YOU LITTLE RUNT!" He yells as he realizes she is probably going through all of his stuff. When he reaches the top of the tree, he glances inside to see her swinging around a small sword, acting like she is killing an invisible monster.

"Die, evil scum!" She yells as she makes a stab into the air in front of her and accidentally pokes a hole in the side of Halo's bed. "Oops... sorry Zach..."

"How many times do I have to tell you not to play with that? That was a gift from my dad from before he left! And look, you put a hole in my bed!" he whines. "AND BE QUIET! YOU'RE GONNA WAKE MY MOM!"

"Me, be quiet? Listen to yourself Zach! You're louder than I am!" she exclaims.

"AND STOP CALLING ME ZACH! AGH!" He grabs the sword out of her hands and sticks it into his wall. "Oops... That's why I hate these things... so sharp...I could hurt myself..."

"I'll take it!" She squeals. He looks down at the sword, then at aly, then back down to the sword again.

"Well, I guess... I mean, It may remind me of my dad... but I don't like thinking about that anyways, so here, you can have it." He hastily hands over the sword to the girl.


"Why are you up here anyway? Did you need something?" he asks her in a distant voice as he stares at the moon out the window...

"I was bored, and I wanted to come play!"

"How can you have so much energy? Go downstairs and go to sleep. Your mom will kill you if she new you were up. Plus I'm too tired."

"Oh, okay... But we can play tomorrow right?"

"Yeah, whatever you say, Aly." He tells her as he climbs back into bed. After a few minutes he is sleeping like a baby again.

If you haven't realized it yet, the setting of my tale is not of this era. It takes place thousands of years ago, when technology and pollution did not plague the earth as it does today. It is a time when wars were more common and still as pointless as most are today. But one war that is about to happen, one that no person on earth has any recollection of, will change the lives of four young people and their ancestors forever.

"Halo! Wake up!"

The boy sighs, "Oh, not this again! Go away, Aly! I'm trying to get some sleep!" as he rolls over to look at her he realizes she is not the young girl who bothered her that night, but the taller teenage girl who he grew up with.

"You can't mean that, Zach! It's ten in the morning! You should have been up hours ago!" She says with a grin on her face, "How do you never have any energy? You need to be more active! Like me!"

"Sorry, I had another dream about the past again, this time it was the night I gave you my dad's sword." He explains as he rolls out of bed and starts getting dressed.

"Oh, I remember that! That's the time you fell out the window! I had almost forgotten about that!" she says with a laugh as she stares at the ceiling with a smile. "Why do you keep having these dreams anyway Zach? It's a little strange."

"I'm not quite sure really, but they all seem to involve my dad in one way or another, do you think that's what it is?"

"Well what exactly were the other ones about?"

"Hmm, in the first one I dreamt that I was there when he was getting ready to tell my mom he was leaving to go and help the efforts against Zaghan. The next one was the time he gave me that sword. And last night's was the last one, and it was me giving you the sword."

"Two of those dreams had to do with the sword, but what's so special about that ugly old sword anyway?"

"Actually now that I think about it, the sword was in the first dream too. He was holding it while he was talking to my mom. I remember him giving it to her and she took it into the back room, I don't know what she did back there but when she came out she handed it back to my dad and he walked up the stairs, to where my room would have been. Then I woke up."

"It seems to me, Zach, that the dreams aren't about your father at all, they are about that sword!"

"Yeah, I guess you're right! You wouldn't happen to still have that sword, would you?"

"I'm not sure what I did with it after you gave it to me. Lemme think now, I remember going back downstairs after you told me we would play the next day and I was mad at you because you were to tired to play with my right then. So I took the sword and threw it on the ground by the bed. The next day when I woke up my mother told me that you and you're mom had already left for the next village and I got even madder because you couldn't play with me again. So I took the sword and went outside. I climbed the tree by the window where you were staying and jumped inside, but whatever happened after that I don't remember. But that old sword is probably still in that inn somewhere!"

"Oh, that village, I think it was called Leglimar, It is so far away, I don't think we could make it by ourselves. . ." He says grimily.

"Oh quit it! You know you want to know what these dreams are about! Just admit it! C'mon, we could go! It's not all that far." She says in the same voice she used to use as a kid when she wanted to get Halo to do something for her.

"I never can say no to you, can I? Well, let's go then, what could it hurt?"