Lord, I Lay Upon Thy Breast
By Lady E

Author's Notes: My first lousy attempt at a hymn. sheepishly I "made it up" while I was biking and then wrote it down.

In the wild, alone and lost I crawl,
In the darkness, I wander and roam,
Hoping to hear Thy familiar call,
Warm and loving, calling me home.

Lord, I lay upon Thy breast,
Lord, within Thy sweet embrace,
Where I find a delightful rest,
And rejoice to see Thy face.

Oft deceived by Satan's ploys,
I stray from Thee apace.
I seek and seek those earthly joys,
And leave Thy eternal grace.


Lord, in Thy arms shall I forever stay,
Where no trouble can ever befall,
And love and light prevail everyday,
With peace and satisfaction all.


Thanks for reading!