Lady E

Drowning, drowning,
Since first I met You
When You smiled full upon me
And beckoned for me to come.
Your radiant face, welcoming arms
Lured my thirsty, weary soul.

Drowning, drowning,
I came to You, cautious, uncertain,
Beseeching what I'm not quite sure.
You received me gladly, affectionately,
I saw no hint of scorn.
You took me in Your embrace,
And warmly cared for me,
Showered me with glory,
Lavished me with grace.

Drowning, drowning,
Somehow I was touched,
A spark of something lit in me
A raging inferno of something close to love.
It blazed in my heart, burning the sins,
Chasing away darkness, lighting the way to You.

Drowning, drowning,
I'm falling fast now
In a whirl of confused elation.
My crazed mind won't focus,
My heart sees only You.
An unearthly joy sears my being,
And clutches me in a tantalizing hold.

Drowning, drowning,
I feel my whole world shattering
And rebuilding itself on You.
Flashes of reason, streaks of worldly thought,
Are all drowned out as I sink into You.
I'm wheeling and spinning, beyond control,

I've fallen into a chasm of love for You.

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