The Silent Tear
By Lady E

Author's Notes: I was in...eighth grade, I believe, when a sixth grader in the school passed away. Her locker was painted, and many cards were sent to her family. Amongst those cards was a poem I had written.

In remembrance of ... She was a beloved member of the school and her friends in sixth grade will miss her very much.

The silent tear
That trails down
To fall, crystalline and clear,
And be soaked by the ground.
The symbol of grief,
But also of newness,
To turn a new leaf,
And continue onwards...
Beyond our hopes and dreams,
Beyond life's confusion and trouble,
Plunging to the farthest reaches of time,
And down an endless stream,
She lies now in her own bubble,
At rest and peaceful,
Yet your thoughts are with her,
...And our hearts are with you.