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Chucky: The prince of Crescent Star (a galaxy). He is a witty/cocky zeline (a cat person) he is only the age of 59.……ya only. Zelines can live up to 500, so he only looks like a 12 year old. Youth is one of the great things you get when being Zeline. He is the legendary Neon Sorcerer

Rain: Not seen in this chapter, but narrating (she is telling the story to the class, as a guest speaker) She is a zeline, who gets herself in a lot of trouble, most of the time. She is mysteriously a powerful sorceress

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Sorcerer of Destiny

Chapter 1

Episode 15

"The Dangerous Athena"

Series : Neon Legends

Lonite 27,2002

(December…only 7 days later from SR59)


Scene 1 " The birth of a sorcerer"

((Note: Rain is a new character that is narrating this story.)

Rain: About two billion years ago….

(A young zeline woman holding a little zeline baby boy, was running in the wet, damp woods. It was dark and stormy out, thunder was heard, lighten was seen, but despite that she ran with the rain pouring on her, like needles.)

Rain: …there was a war…..

(Thunder was heard again. The woman's brown dress torn as she rubbed past a branch. The baby was crying, as the woman held it, having it clothed it only a white muddy rag.)

A mans voice it the forest: There she is !

( She looked back and ran on, trying so hard to survive. )

Rain: …in the legendary Neodon.

(The baby's crying grew even more nosier. The rain was getting bad and the men where still chasing her. )

Rain: The war was about two different races the Zeline's and the Dragona's .

(The men were coming closer, to getting her. They looked like dragon like people (dragonas) and were wearing armor. They had spears weapons, hatred was in their eyes.)

Rain: Dragonas use to go in to villages and kill the zelines . They believe that they weren't even worth living .

(Thunder clashed as the woman tripped over a branch but catch her fall. Lucky still holding the baby, with her other arm. She looked up at a old house . More like a old shack.)

Rain: Legend has it that on the night of Lonite 1st a women about the age of 90 was running for her life from dragona's .She came upon a witch's old shack.

((Remember: 90 is young when you can live up to 500. She looked like a 15 year old.))

(As the woman looked at her kid, while getting up, a clash of thunder was heard again. She kissed the infant, for one last time. She knew what was going to happen, as she looked down at her son.)

Women : Bye my son. (crying whispering ) I .... hope ... I ... hope .... you have a better life then me.

(Hearing the men come behind her, she walked over to the porch in the pouring rain. She set it down on the porch of the old wooden shack, trying to hide him, anything so he didn't go down with her. She took her gold necklace from her neck and placed it around the newborn, and than reached it her pocket for four colored gems . She kneeled down and spoke her final words, to her son.)

Women: (softly ) Make the world a better place .

Rain: She knew she would die and didn't want to bring her son down with her . She left him there with a gold necklace and gems to remember her , and then let off .

Men : There she is

( One man pointed to her as the rest started to run after her. They never even noticed the infant she put down. The woman let out a cry, as she ran past the hut, and into the forest. The baby was still crying, but the men didn't care about him. Their shadow where seen racing past his face. They should of did something, to that infant… they will be sorry later.)

Rain: She never lived . She never got to raise her own child and never….

(The woman screamed, as the men drove their spares into her.)

Rain: …and never got to see the better world her son saw.

(Thunder clashed)

((Theme song))



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