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Also since its been a month...or two.......this is what happened last chapterL Rain found a mysterious dagger and woke up from a dream that had the thing it in. Soon after that, her, Satur, and Rusty move out of where they were resting, and right after meet up with Chidth and Artimis Zimeyes(the Neon researchers.) When talking to them, Rain makes Satur and Rusty run out away without Rusty or Satur knowing why, and that is were this comes in. _________* Sorcerer of Destiny* Chapter 1 Episode 20 "Continuing on" Januar 09, 2001 (January/night) Series: Neon Legends


Scene 1 "Nothing special, right?"

(Satur, Rain(still with her dagger), and Rusty stopped running in the forest of Elnis. All were out of breath, and all could see that the day was coming to an end. Satur looked in the further in, and then looked at Rain.)

Satur: Was therea really a point ta that?

(Rain looked over to him and then turned her head to where Satur was once looking.)

Satur: I'lla ask again Rain; why are wea here?

(Moments went by...)

Satur: Rain?!

(Little interrogated Rusty, shook his head, growling, and then responded.)

Rusty: She was running from you. Unfortunately you followed....

(Satur glared at Rusty whom was sitting on the leaves on the forest ground behind him.)

Rain: (whispering making Satur look at her) They might know....

Satur: Knowa what?

Rusty: She's scared of the fact that people might know we're hanging out with you.

(Satur turned to Rusty, annoyed.)

Satur: WOULD YA SHUT UP!? First its from Chucky and now itsa from ya!

(Rusty gave a small laugh, what was soon interrupted when he caught sight of a small violet fluffy ball floating above all of them. Satur looked back at Rain, and mourned now knowing he couldn't get an answer out of her.)

Satur: Ia guess we shoulda just keep moving, right?

(Rain did not answer she just stared off into the forest more. While this was happening, Rusty behind the both of them was still observing this purple fluffy ball, about the size of a quarter. He noticed it getting smaller, but he still didn't say a word about it. It seemed like time stopped for him, even though it seemed to only be a purple fluffy ball floating in the air.)

(Theme song)

Scene 2 "Wondering"

Chucky: I wonder what happened to Rusty, Rain......and Satur.

(Luna looked away from the beach, and looked at Chucky, staring off into the ocean before them. They both sat on the sand.)

Luna: Who are they? Well I know Rusty--but who is Rain and Satur?

Chucky: Rain is very mysterious, but she just ended up being in the wrong place at the wrong time, I guess..... Satur is what I named a rock that never shuts up.

(Luna wondered a bit about the last thing, Chucky said.)

Luna: A rock...

(Chucky smiled a bit, laughing a bit inside.)

Luna:....that never shuts up?

Scene 3 "Purple fluff"

(Still Rusty was staring at this floating purple thing that floated in the air, and still Satur was gaping at Rain, for not answering his question.)

Rusty: (thinking) Why am I mindlessly looking at purple floating fuzzy? There's nothing special to this. It is purple.....fuzzy. Satur is not looking at it, so why am I? I am smarter.....but this purple fuzzy is very is like...

(Rain started to loosen her hold on her dagger, and then suddenly screaming as she let it go. Satur looked at the dagger on the ground and than looked at Rain. Being more curious than before he had to ask....)

Satur: Wha happen?

(Rain looked at the dagger, and than at Satur.)

Rain: It was freezing. This only happens when...

(Rain looked towards Rusty, whom was still looking at the purple small fuzzy floating. Rain didn't even warn anyone, as she quickly grabbed Rusty and ran in the direction they were running from Childth and Artimis. Satur didn't move, he just caught sight of the purple thing, as it suddenly grew into a small pentagon, and two purple stick like things started coming out of the back and front surface. Rain turned around and looked at Satur still with Rusty in her hands. )

Rain: Sat... (thinking) Damn I forgot the dagger...(out load) SATUR THE DAGGER!!

Rusty: I agree the dagger is much more important than that rock that never shuts up.

(Silence happened for a second, as it quickly switched scenes to Chucky and Luna sitting on the beach were Luna's crashed ship was. Luna was still looking at Chucky, but Chucky was now staring at her back, as she still asked...)

Luna: A rock...that never shuts up......

(Quickly back to the other scene. Rain and Rusty watched as Satur looked at the dagger on the ground next to him, and then back at Rain.)

Satur: Ya said it was co..

(Satur was cut off as the purple pentagon grew and so did the purple sticks coming out of its surface. Purple fire started at the tips of the things, as it just kept growing.)

Satur: Wha exactly isa this thang?

Rain: It's a rare creature in Neodon, now get the dagger and get out of there!!

(Without questioning, he bent down, and grabbed the dagger. His hand held it with no problem, but it wasn't for long, as the thing quickly flew up and started to spin around. This cloak wise spin made one of the sticks ablaze hit Satur, forcing him get burnt, fly up, let go of the dagger, and then hit the ground, hard. Rusty was amazed at how fast this purple thing was moving, but Rain showed no emotion about the thing nor about Satur, who was trying to get up with the middle his chest burnt and bleeding. The purple thing, quickly spun more, and got close enough to Satur, to burn him, and throw him up in the air, and then making him land on the ground, again. )

Rusty: Rain, shouldn't we do something!?

(Rusty looked over to Rain, whom seem to act like she never heard the cat, she just thought to herself.)

Rain: I must get that dagger.there is something about it.

Rusty: What?

(The purple thing begun to spin upwards another time and moved towards Satur, who was trying so hard to get up fast enough to avoid the next attack, but he wasn't quick enough. The sticks hit him again, and again he was tossed in the air, cut, burned and slammed on the ground next to the trees. Rusty still stared at Rain, looking concerned as ever. Rusty wasn't sure though, if she gave the impression for Satur or something else.)

Rusty: Rain!?

(Rain just ran forward towards the purple thing. Rusty just watched, and then sighed.)

Rusty: I'm beginning to hope she isn't doing that for Satur.....


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