The Doll

When I was only eight years old I received a porcelain doll as a gift. I never did find out who gave it to me as it was on the doorstep with only my name on it. The doll was wrapped in many layers of newspaper and then placed in a large cardboard box.

The doll itself was quite intriguing. It had large violet eyes, lips as red as blood, pale white skin and long dark hair. It was neatly dressed in a pretty dark brown and beige dress with little white socks and matching brown shoes.

I was completely fascinated by the beautiful doll. It was almost as though it was alive in my mind; I remember placing it on t op of my shelf where I could look at it before I fell asleep.

Everyday I would take the doll with me wherever I went. I would take it to school, the shops and keep it by my side always. I was also very overprotective of it. I wouldn't even allow my friends or parents to touch it in case they ruined it in anyway. It was like it was my precious baby and not just a pretty porcelain doll.

One night I lay awake in bed thinking about the doll and what I would do with it the next day. I stared at the doll and watched in shock as its hair flared out in all directions and its eyes shone a sickeningly bright red colour.

Then I heard a voice of a young seemingly innocent girl, "Now you will be mine!" the voice hissed.

It was the creepiest feeling I'd ever had and the next moment I was sitting on the shelf. My lifeless porcelain body was motionless and I realised that I had become the doll and the doll's spirit was in my former body.

The eight year old girl who used to be me wrapped me up in many layers of newspaper and placed me in a cardboard box. I knew it was my turn to continue the legacy of the doll as I felt the thump of the box on the doorstep of my victim.


Author's note:

So...any good? I'm thinking of entering this story in a writing competition. Is is good enough?