*Good bye*

She doesn't cry
For you.
She doesn't cry
For me.
She doesn't even cry
For herself

She cries
Because she's run out of options
She knows not what else to do

She is quiet, and nothing happens
She asks nicely, and nothing happens
She yells, and nothing happens...
So she leaves

"Good bye"
She cries silent
To those she thought
Loved her

"I'll see you in Heaven"
She writes on her notebook
"When you come to visit me"

She quietly takes a knife
And drags it's blade down
The soft flesh on her inner arm...
The blood seeps from the wound
And drips down onto the floor...

A tear falls down her cheek
As the pain inside is released
With the blood flow

She smiles and pulls the knife
Down her other arm

"I'm free" she whispers softly
And lays herself
Down to sleep
To never awaken
"In a cruel world"
She says, as she closes her eyes...