At the dawn of mankind's journey into the stars our technology increased greatly shedding light onto a whole new spectrum of possibilities. We never realized how much we could accomplish until the discovery of the tunnel drive. The tunnel drive opened a whole new universe. But we would soon regret our new knowledge; those years of ignorance had faded away with the arrival of the Anubians, a super powerful race with superior tactical experience. They descended down like a falcon and destroyed Earth, but before Earth's last moments, more than a hundred ships escaped into the void holding the remainder of the species of humans along with as many species of animals to find a new life among the stars. Why the Anubians attacked? Most think out of shear delight, but the truth is out of fear. Out of fear of what we might become. As the years past by our human race is degrading, unused to the perils of space, and as Anubian Flagships hunt us down. We wage a losing war with no hope to be found.

Chapter 1

Tribal Encounter

It was as long time since life was this good thought Jak. He looked out of his room window into the filtered light of a nearby star whose light cast eerie shadows engulfing his room in a twisted shadowy monster. The serenity of this scene was lost to him as he thought of his life, his course in history and the events in the past, which he thought, would return to haunt him. Ever since cadet camp, which had been absolute hell, life as a secondary lieutenant seemed the world better. The shine from a nearby sun gave him the feeling of being on a beach. "This is the life isn't it," called Yuhon from next to him. "Well, besides the fact that we are close to death basically every second and the fact that space freezes as well as scares me it doesn't get any better," Jak said with a bit of humor for a good effect. "Hey Jak watch my back all right and I'll watch yours I want to live long enough to have children man," Yuhon said. After a few more hours of idle chatter Jak drifted off into a light nap. The dark seas of slumber carried him away.

Several Hours Later

"Wake up Jak or the captain will make us do the hells job again," said Yuhon sleepily. "Wake up Jak I don't want to clean the ship again with a toothbrush," he said with more energy and with more force.

"I'm getting up just don't work me over will ya," he yawned

"Fine I just don't want the duties I heard we will do again if we aren't up," he reprimanded.
"I'll wash up and go after I'm finished so why don't you go first," Jak shouted off to him.
"You don't have time get changed," Yuhon said in his most diplomatic manner. Making sure not to aggravate Jak since he outweighed him, had faster reflexes than him and ultimately beat at everything he knew as well as Yuhon, yet that didn't stop us from being friends.
As Jak began to walk out of his miniscule cabin he caught himself rushed back in and gathered his equipment. Then exited once more and joined his friend.
Inside the bridge of the Sniper, a small freight-slash-assault ship, the many instruments were crammed in the extremely small bridge. To the left was a small communication console with several interstellar languages displayed upon the monitor; to the right was the firing mechanism, which connected to two Ripper laser cannons. At the front of the bridge was piloting controls with three seats to accommodate the three passengers as well as pilots of the small Eneire. "What is our position," asked the captain, a German accent barely noticeable.
"Entering ice fields in the 9-0-0-1 sector 5 Gelds away," replied Jak.
"There any near by trading centers for us to recharge our fuel cells at," asked the captain.
"No Eneire," catching himself, "Captain." The captain gave him a reproachful look, and then smiled, these new cadets would be in for quite a journey, and he was going to make sure they made it.
"Very well then, young lieutenant, where is the closest point then," Eneire queried.
"Pegasus colony in the 9-0-1-9 sector. It's about seventeen light years away, if we enter warp now it will take exactly 3 hours to arrive at the destination," Jak answered.
"Well said, plot course to Pegasus colony-," he cut off suddenly becoming interested in the holo-chart that appeared. Jak and Yuhon stared at the holo-chart intently tracing it for clues. "Enemy craft approaching. Four fighters will enter our airspace in four minutes. Enemy carrier spotted," the computer warned. "What that's impossible briefing said there wouldn't be hostile craft nearby," the captain roared. "Sir?" Jak asked quizzically. "Shut up. I wasn't talking to you. Computer verify give me visual and existing schematics on enemy craft." The vid-screen lit up displaying an Anubian Cruiser and Carrier still in warp. "Shit. Damn strike team, damn that strike team," the captain swore. "Jak check our current status," Yuhon said. "We're at full battle capability excluding the fact that we only have enough fuel to go about 30 more Gelds at our present speed in normal space at least tunnel drive still fully powered and functional," he replied. "Computer give me recommended course of action," the captain requested. "Analyzing data. Retreat or you will experience imminent annihilation." "Thanks for the confidence," Yuhon muttered. "Crew to your battle stations, oncoming Anubian lashers, there seems to be more than the computer predicted," the captain commanded.
"Aye, Aye sir," they both replied. Jak leapt to weapons and Yuhon to communications. After securing a safe channel Yuhon began hysterically yelling out distress calls as well as warnings to the carrier war ship, Firestrike. "Enemy ships in attack radius, this is the lieutenant Yuhon Blake from the Sniper requesting backup," he glanced at the holo-map, "Eight lashers are intercepting followed by two assault ships and fueling pods, this is the Sniper, Firestrike if you receive this message be warned enemy fleet is close. Oh what the hell they can't hear us we're to far away."
As the lashers zipped by like angry wasps they fired their laser cannons at the ship, the void lit up with recoil energy reflecting off the shields hitting an enemy fighter and disabling it completely causing it to drift aimlessly into space. Jak swerved left and right pulling the trigger of the twin-ambiton cannons, which was this class' only defense, and shredding the oncoming fighters. No matter how well controlled energy is there is always imbalance. The shields began absorbing energy and reflecting odd particles but it didn't matter it was already over. "There're to many of them. The computer is displaying four missile locks, and a possible fifth. We're being painted sir," shouted Jak.
"Warning. Shield systems almost depleted," the computer warned.
"Computer power down weapons. Boost shields," Eneire cried.
Warning, more ships have exited warp hole," the computer announced.
"Eneire. We need to go!" Yuhon cried.
"5 additional missile lock detected," the computer cried.
"I see them, quick turn around, all power to engines enter warp before we can't engage. It's a whole hunter team, five more ships have entered air space," commanded the captain.
"Tunnel drive warming up, full system check in 59 seconds," replied the computer.
"Not enough time, missiles will impact in 32 seconds," shouted the captain, "all energy to shields."
"But that will drain cannons and life support functions," Jak replied, a bit confused.
"Grab the air hoods under the bridge and put them on. Computer, give me visual confirmation"
"They've launched eight more. Missile frigate entering air space."
"Missile impact in on shields and fragmentation armor 12 seconds,," the computer counted off. Then suddenly the entire ship shook with the impact of four missiles tearing off the twin ambiton cannons. Then the lights returned as the aura of the shield lowered and the computer reeled of damage report. "Computer give me damage reports," commanded the captain.
"Shields 8%, Structural cohesion 19%, fuel 21%. Cannons disabled, missiles disabled, environmental support systems damage, fracture has developed in fragmentation armor, fragmentation armor is down 35%, lower engines disabled, forward thruster shaft fractured, antimatter fuel cells to ambiton cannons depleted. Shall I continue?" replied the computer.
"Give me what works on this piece of junk," the captain demanded.
"Tunnel drive still operable. Missile tracking devices still operable. Missile pods still operable. Upper thruster shafts are still operable. Main photon reactor still operable, operating at 79% efficiency," the computer said.
"Sir missile frigate has just fired two more missiles, correction add two to that, wait add nine more. Oh shit we have 12 missiles locked on," Yuhon said.
"Sir I think we should enter and fire tunnel drives," Jak said.
"Commander we still have eight missiles coming in with the additional 12 and the Razor Battle cruiser is launching more hawks."
"Missiles 1-10 away, launch decoys 3,4, and 5."
"Yes sir,"
"Power up jamming equipment. I want those missiles confused!" Eneire roared.
"Missile hammers inoperable. We lost them from missile impact," the computer warned.
"More fighters are being launched. Missile volleys delayed for now. They're firing more. We'll be within cannon range soon," Jak reported.
"Execute full turn, have the warp engines warmed up yet?" asked the captain.
"Yes," replied the computer, "engaging tunnel drive." The familiar twisting sensation, which came normally with warp, occurred. Then they appeared in zero-space with the ship barely holding together since the structural cohesion was so low as well as the fact that magnetic or mag shields which held the ship together so it wasn't lost in space was very low.
"Jak, Yuhon you okay?" questioned the captain.
"Few bumps and bruises, but aside from that we are fine," Yuhon answered for both. Then the hum of the Warp engines died down and the Firestrike appeared. It appeared that the Firestrike wasn't that far away it was only a six- minute flight. "Firestrike this is the Sniper requesting permission to land," said the captain.
"Permission granted. Welcome home," replied the tower. At last they were home.