Ok let's try this again. I have gone away and started again. Hopefully this one is better than the last. Oh and yes the issue with the eyes, red is better then the actual colour of human albino eyes, sorry if anyone is offended or upset with that really I am. By the way if you are really against swearing you might want to skip some bits of the story, although it, in my opinion, is not worth even giving a warning I know a few people who are really offended by the smallest rude word.

Name, Rider, Name Meaning

Fathia = Conquest - Victory

Cillian = War - War

Jaegar = Famine - Hunger

Mada = Death - End of the path


Dark Souls: Riders of the Apocalypse.


Part One


Odysseus lay upon the hard bed; his energy had been spent using his sight of present to see into the Laminay council. He knew their plans and capabilities. He cursed his weak state and the lack of control he had over his powers, it was not possible for him to see the future or past or even summon the beasts of the armies of Hell yet. In his current state it wasn't even possible for him to try to contact Natasha through their demonic mental link that exists in all Dark Souls. Natasha, oh how he admired her. She was the mighty Lilith, the first, mother of evil. Heartless and cruel she would often talk to him through the link, teaching him, encouraging him. She was like a mother to him.

But right now she was not trying to reach him and he needed to tell her of the council's plans. He had tried in vain to reach her but he couldn't lift his right arm let alone physically speak with someone a dimension away. He had to be patient but that is hard for someone who is used to getting his own way.


Fathia smiled and waved a goodbye to her friends as she started to walk home. It was a beautiful and sunny day, her brothers Cillian and Jaegar walked ahead of her. They stood out in this small town, being quadruplets and albino made it hard to fit in and with the youngest of the four, her sister Mada, terminally ill it was no help to their situation. But they had a group of friends and life was good.

Except Fathia always had this little voice in the back of her head.

It hated life it hated everything. She had told the others of it once and they had agreed with her. She simply took it as depression related to her sister condition. That is why she told her parents about it, but she soon learnt that it had been a mistake when they sent her to the school councillor. She was a kind lady but with clever wording and with time Fathia was able to get out of the sessions, learning to keep her mouth shut.

The little voice of hatred vanished on a day as beautiful as this one. Well at least until she got home or if she was up by the ruin. The ruin, or so it was called, was a school which had burnt down a few months ago. Almost everyone that boarded at the school had been reported dead only one was reported unaccounted for. Nothing had been built there since. The state school children, such as herself, all had laughed over their horror, saying to each other that the rich brats deserved it.

"Fathia," Jaegar said whilst munching on a bag of chips. He was a slightly porky thirteen-year-old who kept his white hair in a buzz cut. "You're a bookworm. Can you help me out with the local history assignment?"

"Jaegar, that assignment was due in three weeks ago," Cillian stated, his intense red eyes half hidden behind his rather long hair.

"I was too hungry to work!" Jaegar whined.

"You're too hungry to do anything." Fathia said pushing her white hair that reached her shoulder blades back from her pale face. She overtook her brothers and walked into the front yard of their small home, which was painted green with an off-white tin roof. The front yard was little more than a neat lawn and a few bushes.


Natasha's feet landed on solid ground. She stood about the ruins of the school, taking in the familiar sea air. She was home or, at least, what had been her home fifty years ago. She laughed at the memory of her family. But her laughter was cut short.

"You will be careful," she heard her faithful companion state. "You have been having trouble with the memories of Lilith. Remember you are a reincarnation of Lilith's spirit all those memories are not a part of your lifetime but the last, they should not cloud your judgment."

"You worry too much," Natasha said in a soft voice.

"You worry too little, my dearest," he whispered. "I can't help you outside the gateway."

The gateway. Natasha now understood all that it was. But aside from a Gateway to the world beyond it was also a bloody altar. A temple had been built around that altar. In the dawning of time those ancient few who had existed had worshiped the Dark Souls and foretold their coming in texts before Lilith had even been Lilith, when the so called God was on the earth as a beast.

"I will be fine." She stated. "If Odysseus is correct then the Laminay have translated the Taturem and now they can find Dark Souls before they are changed. I didn't think anyone alive knew how to read the Taturem let alone understand it. I was under the impression that they could only just make out the first, most basic texts about us. Those who longed for our coming should have never written the Taturem."

"They never thought it would fall into enemy hands, they wanted to be able to find you all when the time was right." The cold energy whispered in her ear wrapping around her. "Did Odysseus say where the council said they were?"

"Yes." Natasha pulled away from her ghostly friend and let her body take a new form, one of a magpie. Her black dress formed black feathers and her skin the snowy white ones. Before long she was in the air.


Mada lay in the metal hospital bed. She gazed at the roof, a moment ago she felt as if she was about to die, and then there was this strange feeling it was like she was floating in a dream. After that there was no more pain, she didn't feel the grip of death firmly clenching her neck. Suddenly everything made sense. She had hated the world before for cursing her with a fatal disease but now she loathed it but she didn't really have a reason she just hated it all. She pushed herself out of the bed finding new strength in her disgust for the world.

"You are strong child, stronger than you look." Mada turned sending her long white messy hair flying around her. She saw a Magpie sitting on the windowsill of her hospital room.

"Who are you?" She whispered a little frightened as would any thirteen-year- old girl who woke to find a talking magpie.

"I am known as Natasha, but my real name is Lilith." The magpie flew up and by the time it dropped to the ground it wasn't a magpie anymore it was a young woman in an almost old fashioned black dress.

"I like your red hair." Mada said childishly.

"Come on you are not safe here anymore." Natasha said taking the girl by the hand and leading her to the window. "Do you trust me?"

"Well I think I do." Mada answered as Natasha and herself started to freefall out the window, they never hit the ground.


Cillian woke with a start. He didn't remember falling asleep, especially falling asleep in the front yard of their house. Jaegar and Fathia were on the ground too starting to wake up.

"What happened?" Cillian asked to himself, he ever expected an answer.

"You were changed dear brother." A youthful voice said. "We all were."

"Mada!" Cillian cried as he embraced his younger sister. There was a strange joy that glowed in his red eyes. It came from the fact that deep within himself he somehow knew his sister was no longer ill.

"What is going on?" Fathia demanded her eyes no longer containing the sparkle that had gave her friends, but now there was an evil glint in her eyes that would send a shudder down a human's spine.

"There is no time to explain Fathia." Mada said as she watched her sister fix her hair so that her perfectly cut fringe was perfectly straight. "We saw them when we were flying here. They are coming to kill us before we are able to get to the gate. Lilith has told me all about it."

"Lilith?" Jaegar questioned looking at the young woman who had suddenly appeared. "Hey I remember stuff about you from this book I looked through once, they said that you are pure evil and hurt angels for no reason and."

"They are all lies!" Natasha screamed. "I live through those memories every day, I hate those angels for good reason. Did that book say how they kill a hundred of my children every day? My precious Lilim! Did it say that they wanted me to be denoted to Adam's whore! I offered equality but no that foolish human thought himself better than me!" She stopped taking a few deep breaths. "Forgive me my friends the memories take over sometimes."

"We have to go or they will find us Cillian, I'm scared of them." Mada said hugging her brother.

"Who are they?" Fathia asked Natasha her red eyes glaring straight into Natasha's icy blue ones.

"I like your style." Natasha said unfazed by the intense look of the unholy red eyes that each of the riders possessed. "They are the Laminay they are here to stop the Dark Souls from ascending, and if you haven't put two and two together you all are Dark Souls. Can you get to the burnt out school quickly?"

"Yes we each have horses we could ride them up there, they are kept in the stables up the road a way." Jaegar answered.

"Then you all go I'll see if I a can slow them a bit." Natasha said walking out onto the road.

"They'll kill you." Cillian said brushing his long hair from his face.

"They can't kill what has been killed before. If anything they will run for their lives. I have a friend at the ruin, he will assist you." Natasha said smiling as the voice of a weak Odysseus whispered in her mind that the Laminay were indeed coming.

***** The cars came to a screeching halt. A handful of people got out from the first and second cars.

"Get out of the way kid!" A male said walking up to Natasha. She was now in a white dress and had an innocent looking face masking the evil deep inside her. "Did you hear me?!"

"Cain there is no need to scare the poor child." A female agent walked up to Natasha who lowered her head. "Why don't you go home?" The agent's sweet gentle voice asked.

"I don't have a home." Natasha said sounding frightened. "My family is all gone."

"Oh," The lady said sympathetically. "I'm sorry honey."

"Susan This is no time to be looking after lost kids, the ones we are after will get away." The one named Cain said almost yelling.

"Just a second, some of us do have hearts." Susan replied. "Now sweetie, what happened?"

"I killed them all." Natasha whispered in her ear plunging a stick she had picked up from the ground a while ago into the woman chest. Her fellow agents stood stunned. "Do you know who I am?" Natasha asked walking closer to them. "Extermino!" She pointed her hand to the first car's engine, which burst into flames, agents scattered away from the flames.

"Get the other cars and find those other kids, we'll deal with this one." An arrogant male shouted to the majority of his comrades.

"Oh you'll deal with me hmm?" Natasha asked her white dress turning grey and then to black before their eyes. "I am Lilith. I am the first. I am the mother of evil. You have no idea you can't deal with me. Formidilosus!" She screamed many agents screamed with her covering their faces from an unseen terror. All ran away crying like children waking from nightmares, all that is except the arrogant man who had managed to anger Natasha with his attitude. Yet in her anger she looked calm and even gentle. She turned a silvery grey, even her dress, but her eyes remained their unforgiving blue. She became a ghost.

"This house needs a new coat of paint." She whispered. She held out her silvery hand to the man who looked at her frozen in his natural fear. She muttered. "Minuo abeo ut vita fio excessum."

The man gasped as if her was suffocating. His eyes became red and his skin pink as the blood that ran in his veins started to surface. It leaked from his eyes, ears and mouth, even through the pours in his skin. The blood floated from its master to form a perfect sphere hovering just above Natasha's outstretched hand.

"Neat little trick, don't you think?" Natasha asked smiling sweetly. "You are wondering why you are not dead aren't you? Well I'll explain that. Firstly I like to drag pain out." She said now crouching on the ground where the man was now situated. She made her ghost form solid and traced her fingers across his face. "I do so love to see your kind, pointless disgusting scum, in such pain. Secondly, I have been away for fifty year without killing I have cravings for death. Thirdly you insulted me with your caveman arrogance." She gripped his face, fingers digging into the flesh. She stretched out her other hand containing the hovering blood red ball. "Nunc cruento." The ball burst and the practicals scattered everywhere, coating the small house in a layer of crimson blood.

"Adam was once like that he was arrogant and self absorbed. He through he was better then me. What a fool. I offered him a chance to be an equal and he turned me down, thinking that I was beneath him and his god." She laughed a cruel and hate filled laugh. "He wanted me to be no more than a whore, I told him he had goats and other beasts for that as I know he had used before he acquired his little slut Eve. He could have had power but no he stayed with his god and I left. Then later my children, my beautiful children, those bastard angels kill one hundred of them or my children's children a day, I was punished for having some self worth and so were they! And so I sent them out to destroy the world Adam's children had created, his children and that weak little bitch Eve."

She was getting furious letting the memories cloud her mind. She started to twist his body, rearranging his body to be a physical manifestation of her rage. She snapped limbs pushing the white body through the skin and peeled the flesh back then when inside out she melted it back on.

"Don't tell me these are not my memorises!" She screamed over his screams to herself, although exhausted the pain was beyond the exhaustion. "You have no idea what is in my head. I am not crazy or out of control. Shut up." She threw him into the wall of the house; a squelch noise filled the air has a mixture of his organs and fatty tissues made contact with the wall. "I can read your mind you know." She stopped taking some deep breaths. "You seem to have gone to pieces on me." She finally said. "Lets see what I can do about that."


The screams that echoed around the town caused all the residences to know fear. So pain stricken and terrified a sound had never before been heard. Even in the brilliance of the crystal clear day those screams chilled everyone to the bone, but that was not the worse of what had happened. For those who looked upon the unnatural bloodless sight of the mangled body, life could never be carefree again. The tiny green house, with its tiny green front yard was no longer green. It was amazing how much six pints of blood could stain red. The corpse was a horrid thing, twisted and snapped. Bone pierced flesh and skin, shining ivory white in the warm sun, repeatedly. The intestinal system was dragged out along the lawn burnt and rancid in smell. But the most terrifying thing that the police found was that the corpse was not dead when they arrived, it was alive, and with no energy left to scream it could only gasp for air.


"I wonder what the children are doing to the agents that went after them?" Natasha, who was stretched out on a roof of a house that had a perfect view of the active scene of police and ambulance officers below, asked herself. "I might just go check up on them, nothing exciting happening here."

***** ***** *****

Please tell me this one is better. or not. I have had a lot of troubles with it. Thank you Hidden Relevance! Ok and I know that I really change or more neglected the real story to the riders of the apocalypse. Really they are supposed to come forth from four seals broken by Jesus to destroy the world and are not really evil so to speak, but then it wouldn't fit in with my story so sorry and I hope you liked it. And I am so sorry for my poor Latin, it was the best I could do with my old Latin notes I think it is ok for someone who hasn't used Latin in three and a half years, I knew I should have used Chinese, so much easier.