Six people could be seen atop a desolate hill. The sun was setting in the west and the sky was dyed a bloody red. The wind lashed out upon what used to be a peaceful, sleepy small town. No longer could this town rest in tranquil peace. A crimson stain was imbedded into the very land it stood on, a crimson stain that had started fifty years ago and had seeped down into the town. The most recent carnage had sent whole families packing. The savage wind whipped through the snowy hair of four of the figures that stared down from that accursed cliff top.

Two of the six, untouched by the forces that control the world, stood together. A ghostly presence and Natasha watched as people scampered and old rumours were revived, twice as horrifying as they once were. They spoke with unheard voices to each other, soft and gentle, so unlike what they themselves were. Soon only five remained, five of the Dark Souls. Natasha looked at the young vessels of darkness their white skin reflecting the unholy red sunset. No longer were they average teenagers in a shrivelling small town, no longer plagued by inconvenient guilt and interfering weak emotions like pity.

"When will we meet Abigor?" A young voice asked as she slipped her small white hand into the palm of the one whom would be a figure of stability and guidance in an otherwise chaotic and reckless path of existence.

"Soon." Lilith said looking down on Mada, her face a mask of false innocence.

"Where is he?" Fathia asked even after crawling through a burn out and gutted school she managed to look flawlessly neat and clean.

"He is with the enemy." Lilith said gathering the quadruplets around her.

"Shouldn't we save him?" Jeagar asked looking up into her blue eyes, his glowing red eyes full of trill.

"They will not harm him, he has killed." Lilith said her gaze returned to the village below. "Anyway he is running a little errand for me."

"Are we going to die now?" Cillian asked the question that was on every one of his siblings mind but not their lips.

"There is no need for you to die as of yet." Lilith smiled. "In fact being 'alive' could prove every useful to you. But you need a place to stay and so do you companions."

"Companions?" Cillian asked turning around to see their four horses, but they were different. His own horse was now a red that seemed to have come from the fires of hell. Fathia's horse was a crisp clean white whilst Jaegar's steed had turned a hellish black and Mada's looked a sickly pale colour that could never truly be described. They had all lost their placid manner and seemed as cold as war horses. An identical smirk appeared on each of their faces as they went to meet their horses, their side bags held items, gifts, for their masters. Fathia received a sleek bow accompanied by a quiver of silver arrows. There was also a crown, a crown that she alone was born to wear it marked her as the Conquer. To Cillian a large sword was given. His other gift was not physically real but he could feel it and understand it, the ability to know and manipulate the hearts of humans. Jaergar felt left out, besides a symbol of a pair of scales he had no real gift, but to him was given the ability to destroy food and drinks, he could make the fruit on the trees rot and decay.

Mada received no physical possessions. A sadness grew in her heart, but her horse spoke to her in a firm yet caring voice. "Just because you don't see it child does not mean you have no weapon. To you is granted access to your siblings abilities and then on top of such power you are able to connect to the beasts of the earth, understand and control them." Mada smiled up at the massive mount. "See child power is yours."

"Oh it isn't that." Mada giggled. "I have a talking pony."

Natasha gave a faint smile and slipped away into the valley of mists. She trusted they could look out for themselves. Natasha wanted to talk to one whom she did worry a little for. She waited for a young but intelligent voice to pierce the fog filled void. "They made it." Abigor said.

"Did you doubt?" Lilith asked amusement in her voice. "How is the enemy taking it?"

"It is humorous, they are angry. But," He sighed. "They are happy."

"Happy?" She snapped confused, she didn't like any of their kind being happy.

"They have found another one." Odysseus stated in a monotone voice.

"But how? No others have changed, yet." Natasha fumed, she had started pacing her eyes grew colder and her wavy hair bobbing about her head as she moved with frustration.

"They have found a way." He said he wanted to calm her down. "Perhaps the new ones could use this as a chance to adapt to their new talents? If it hasn't changed they'll bring the suspected Dark Soul hear, let the new ones enter the house of the enemy, I would so like to meet them."

"Well it would seem we do not have many other choices." Natasha whispered. "It isn't like we know who the unchanged one is."


"Where did she go?" Jaegar asked looking for the ghostly Lilith.

"Who knows?" Cillian replied mounting his horse with pride. "Come one, let's go have some fun?"

"It is strange," Fathia shouted against the wind "I no longer feel tired, I feel like I could take on the world."

"Well what is stopping us?" Jeagar asked as he led his horse down the hill closely followed by his brother and sisters.


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