"Mrs. Natasha? You do realize that you don't have to tell them anything, don't you?" Natasha's lawyer remarked without an ounce of pity.

"Yes, off course I do. I want everyone to know my story, I want to expose those dirty birdies what they are. well what they were." She giggled partly to herself. She thought to herself as she studied her lawyer. 'This is a fine man I wonder how much he's worth' The silence was broken by a young reporter about 23 stumbling into the room. Natasha had on orange prison clothes and her black hair made them seem all the more radiant, she had sewn several pink buttons on the front of her prison uniform. Once the boy saw these buttons he couldn't help but to stare.

"Stop staring at my damn buttons and let's get the dang show on the road!" Natasha screamed at the reporter.

"Yes, yes off course. I'm sorry that was rude of me to stare but its just that you look so beautiful, even in that atrocious orange thing. If I may ask how old are you?" The reporter was eager for an answer.

"Under any other circumstances I would be offended but this is different. I'm 35 by the way. Oh and about the buttons I don't blame you for staring; it's the latest in prison fashion." Natasha laughed to herself. "As you must know I was a designer in another life."

"Don't you mean in another Identity? Your name was Chloe Chantal and if memory serves you had quite a successful business. That is before you took out number five, the actor, you thought 'How quaint I'll become famous and rich!' But the truth was that if anyone had counted the money you amassed from the first marriage you would have ranked somewhere around the one hundred millions, now your worth about 3 billion from investments and such. "Ah yes number five, he was the bomb wasn't he? Wanted to go out with a bang huh?!"

"No! No!" "You talk as if it was my fault! None of them truly appreciated me! They didn't love me!" Natasha yelled with tearing eyes. In an instant her expression was normal and she had no tears. "Sir please, have a seat and let's get going."

The reporter was almost caught of guard by this rapid change of atmosphere. "Oh sorry. Let me get set up. Ok all set."

"Where should I begin? Like dickens? 'I am born, I grew up' or should I begin when I began my descent into darkness like you people say? "I am a woman, a woman who likes nice things and if I'm correct nice things cost a pretty penny these days. Well I did love John you must realize it's just that he didn't appreciate me, like the good wife I was. "

"I met. well I guess I should really be starting with why I killed them, shouldn't I?" Coldness struck the reporter right to the heart when she gave him that look, that look of pure evil. The reporter was brought up in a Christian home and he new of Satan and possession. 'That woman is evil' is what he thought to himself whilst trying not to look in her eyes. Natasha just stared at him as if she new what he was thinking.

"Well now, I was a senior in College and my best friend Julie came to tell me late one night that she was engaged. I became so furious at her that I threw a porcelain doll at her head; you see we made a promise that I would get married first. Mr. Reporter, do you know what happens to people who don't keep promises? Well those people must not be true friends or otherwise they would have kept that promise! Julie survived the doll, left and I didn't hear from her for a while, but I knew she was my friend and I knew she must be punished for her dishonesty!

"I found out where Julie was living and I followed her home after work one day. Julie had a quaint little house with a loving husband and an unborn son."

The reporters face was full of fear. "You didn't"!

"I did what was necessary for the child! That baby's mother was a liar she was a bad person!" Natasha was getting flustered. "I knocked on the door and told Julie I was very sorry for what I had said and for what had happened. Julie graciously let me in and fixed me some of her great tea. I sat down on the couch and talked with Julie. Oh how I had missed her, to tell the truth she really was my best friend. I just wish she would have kept that promise. I reunion was broken when her husband came home from work. It was then I knew it was now or never. The poor man hadn't even taken his coat off; I simply stood up and shot Julie in the head and then the stomach...twice. Julie's husband, Rob was his name, bolted to the floor at his wife's side. I fired three shots that time, he really did love his wife, the man just stared at me choking on his own blood until he died."

"But how could you kill that woman? She was pregnant!" The reporter had broken a sweat.

"Oh I bet your thinking 'This woman is a crazy old deranged psycho bitch with no conscious at all.' But on the contraire my friend I did know it was wrong, I just didn't give a rat's ass! I mean it was kind of fun in a way and I wasn't doing anything wrong. It's my life damn it and I will do what I please! If I wanted to crawl over this table and slit your throat I would, but in sooth I wouldn't because I need you and if I'm not mistaken you need me also."

"Like hell I need you!"

"Oh but you do need me because you're the only reporter I have allowed to interview me. So that means you're already famous."